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Elsie Jeanette Oxenham published 87 books and numerous short stories for girls during the first half of last century. Most of them were set in England but a few were set in Wales, Scotland, Switzerland and France. Here are the places in Wales that we have found so far. We hope you enjoy "visiting" the places you have read about so often.

The Lleyn Peninsula in Gwynedd, once Carnavonshire is where most of the Welsh stories are set. Fortunately Elsie didn't rename her Welsh locations.

SILVIA OF SARN and the GIRL WHO WOULDN'T  MAKE FRIENDS, GIRLS OF GWYNFA, MISTRESS NANCIBELL and parts of ROBINS IN THE ABBEY are set here. Also many holidays were spent by the younger Abbey girls here, with Robin at Quellyn.

The locations that appear in RED actually exist. If you would like to know exactly where each is, go to  Multi Media Mapping and enter the name. A map will usually appear on your screen.

walCrca.jpg (5122 bytes)

Above, right and below - 4 Views of Criccieth

wal crica.jpg (24519 bytes)


walcric.jpg (19303 bytes)

w_criccieth.jpg (8687 bytes)


w_balalake.jpg (7289 bytes)

Bala Lake from the Torment books

WalBylae.jpg (12480 bytes)

Above right and below - 3 views of the Ffestiniog railway that Christina and her friends travelled on, to visit Davy while he was working at the slate mine. Above - at Portmadoc; below left at Blaenau. This narrow gauge railway still runs and you will, (as Elsie tells us through Christina) see much more of the scenery from it than the road.

WalPort.jpg (13705 bytes)

WalFest.jpg (11550 bytes)


w fr Yr eifl.jpg (17119 bytes)
View of Lleyn Peninsula Lleyn Peninsula from Yr Eifl (The Rivals)
most of the Welsh books are set here.

w beggellert.jpg (8825 bytes)
Beddgelert where Christina told the legend of
Gelert in Conquest of Cristina


w gwnedd.jpg (8026 bytes)
Above part of the Lleyn Peninsula and right - South Stack
lighthouse at Holyhead the Brents saw the lights
of this lighthouse the night they arrived in
The Girl Who Wouldn't Make Friends.
w south stack.jpg (17145 bytes)


w lyn gwanant.jpg (8052 bytes)
Llyn Gwynant

Right Porthmadog - Conquest of Cristina

w porthmadog.jpg (20385 bytes)


w sno llydaw.jpg (14961 bytes)

View of Snowdon which features in many of the books.

w_cardiganbay.jpg (7072 bytes)
Cardigan Bay - Girl who wouldn't make Friends and Conquest of Christina


w_abersoch.jpg (5889 bytes)
Abersoch - Girls of Gwynfa

w_nefyn.jpg (6892 bytes)
Nefyn or Nevin– Mistress Nancibell, Girl who Wouldn't Make Friends


w_llangower.jpg (12908 bytes)
Llangower - Torment books -
Lake Bala

w_passaberglaslyn.jpg (18471 bytes)
Pass of Aberglaslyn Conquest of Cristina


w_caderidris.jpg (8871 bytes)
Cader Idris - Conquest of Christina

w_begg_glaslyn.jpg (12040 bytes)
Beddgelert  & River Glasyn


w_porthdinllaen.jpg (4711 bytes)

w_porthdinllaenfrnefyn.jpg (2899 bytes)


w_porthdinllaenfrnefyn2.jpg (4488 bytes)

w_llewelyncott.jpg (7281 bytes)
Llewlyn Cottage where Gelert lived


w_snowdontrain.jpg (4117 bytes)

w_snowdontrain2.jpg (3626 bytes)

Two views of Snowdon from the little railway

w_yreiflnefyn.jpg (4586 bytes)
Nefyn looking towards Yr Eifl (the Rivals) Girls of Gwynfa

w_caderidris2.jpg (6927 bytes)
Cader Idris


w_frcriccieth.jpg (6665 bytes)
View from Criccieth Castle

w_bala2.jpg (5633 bytes)
Bala Lake

w_lleynpen.jpg (5307 bytes)
Lleyn Peninsula - Nevin Beach from Porthdinllean

xxxNarrow road1.jpeg (9230 bytes)
Narrow road on the side of Boduan near
Nevin, North Wales. If it were unpaved it
would be easy to imagine how Gwyneth
managed to force Robin up the bank to
avoid being run over.

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