A trip through EJO country -
Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside
Updated 12th January, 2015.

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Elsie Jeanette Oxenham published 87 books and numerous short stories for girls during the first half of last century. Most of them were set in England but a few were set in Wales, Scotland, Switzerland and France. Here are the places in Cumbria, Lancashire and Merseyside that we have found so far. We hope you enjoy "visiting" the places you have read about so often.

Please note the locations are arranged by the present name of the counties, not the name when the books were written.

Here is a small selection of EJO locations. More will be added gradually.

The locations that appear in RED actually exist.

Additions and corrections welcome at all times.

c grasmere.jpg (16638 bytes)
Brian rowed Damaris and Rachel on
Grasmere the evening after he proposed
to Damaris in Dancer from the Abbey.

c helv fair.jpg (9095 bytes)
Pip and Rachel and Damaris climbed Helvellyn (above).
They would have looked down on Fairfield which here is
in the foreground.

They would have looked down on Fairfield which here is
in the foreground.
Damaris threatens to dance on
Striding Edge (below) in Damaris Dances. This view
taken from Helvellyn would have changed very little as at
this height the detail of the towns is not apparent.

taken from Helvellyn would have changed very little as at
this height the detail of the towns is not apparent.

c striding.jpg (11600 bytes)


c ulswater.jpg (13260 bytes)

c langdale.jpg (9113 bytes)

Rachel walked to Grisedale Tarn, Patterdale and Ullswater (left) the day Brian proposed to Damaris in Dancer from the Abbeyy.
Also Damaris,
Rachel and Pip walked to Grisedale Tarn Grisedale Tarn via Seat Sandal. The view from Seat Sandal was of Scafell, Bowfell. Langdale pikes (right) Windermere and the sea.

c_windamere2.jpg (7631 bytes)
Lake Windermere

c_ullswater.jpg (11842 bytes)

c_grisdale.jpg (5074 bytes)

c_scafell.jpg (4874 bytes)

c_grisedale.jpg (6690 bytes)

c_grisdale2.jpg (6616 bytes)

croadtokirk.jpg (11762 bytes)
The road up to Kirkstone pass, Hikers halt was part way up this road which was only a track in Elsie's day.

c rydal.jpg (8429 bytes)
Rydal Water above, Rydal water and Grasmere, right

c rydl grass.jpg (16324 bytes)

Rachel sat on the bluff above Rydal Water in Dancer from the Abbey.

Pip lived in Windermere right, below and below right.
c windamere.jpg (13159 bytes)

cwindameretown.jpg (18260 bytes)

c_windamerex.jpg (10181 bytes)


cfrorrest.jpg (4818 bytes)
The view from Orrest Head which was one of
Pip and Damaris’s favourite places

c ambleside.jpg (13841 bytes)
Ambleside - my favourite building in the small town near which Heather Garth was situated.

c garden langd.jpg (16711 bytes)
This lakeland garden could be Brian's home
at Heather Garth.
c_ambelside.jpg (8463 bytes)


c derwent.jpg (11457 bytes)
Derwent Water

c wirral.jpg (10398 bytes)
Rock outcrop on the Wirral peninsula
(between the Dee and the Mersey, now
part of the county of Merseyside).
Stones for Damaris’ garden came from

Wirral and Windamere in Guardians in Guardians
for the Abbey.

c grass ch.jpg (5250 bytes)
Grasmere church
where Jen and
Maidlin went to see


c morecombe.jpg (8414 bytes)
Morecambe sands and the railway viaduct Pip travelled over on her first trip to school at Dorothy's.

"Dorothy's"  is located at the mouth of Mersey

New Brighton (above) & Liverpool are on opposite sides of the Mersey
cmersey.jpg (3905 bytes)

cliverpool1911.jpg (6469 bytes)
Liverpool in 1911 as Elsie would have known it.

c_southport.jpg (6074 bytes)
Southport where Elsie was born

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