A Trip through EJO Country
Yorkshire and Derbyshire
Updated 12th January, 2015.

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Elsie Jeanette Oxenham published 87 books and numerous short stories for girls during the first half of this century. Most of them were set in England but a few were set in Wales, Scotland, Switzerland and France. Here are the places in Yorkshire and Derbyshire that we have found so far. We hope you enjoy "visiting" the places you have read about so often.

The locations that appear in RED actually exist. If you would like to know exactly where each is, go to  Multi Media Mapping and enter the name. A map will usually appear on your screen.

Additions and corrections welcome at all times.

yorkwhit.jpg (18394 bytes)
Whitby harbour & Abbey

y_whitbyab.jpg (6508 bytes)


y_whitbyabpcard.jpg (5745 bytes)
An old postcard of Whitby Abbey
Features in Finding Her Family, Audrey met Osmund there and later the children made the diorama of the Abbey's history

y_whitbyz.jpg (4686 bytes)
Whitby from the Abbey from just where Audrey stood looking at the view while waiting to tell Osmund the news.


yorkcurbar.jpg (6544 bytes)

Curbar Edge (left) and Froggatt Edge (right) in the Peak district.

The Edge & the Gap in
A GO-AHEAD SCHOOLGIRL , Tickles & the School that was different .

yorkfrog.jpg (4286 bytes)


y brinham.jpg (16992 bytes)
Brimham rocks feature School campfire
the Hen & chickens may have been based on
the Cow & Calf at Ilkley but moved to Brimham

y thompson f.jpg (15372 bytes)
Thomasson force from Rosaly’s New School


y goath st.jpg (16582 bytes)

y goathland.jpg (17372 bytes)

y_goath.jpg (8030 bytes)

Goathland station & village green
above & left,  below - the moors nearby
Rosaly's New School was set here.
y_goath_moor.jpg (9672 bytes)

y egton br esk.jpg (16143 bytes)
The Esk at Eston Bridge

y mallyan spout.jpg (11405 bytes)
Mallyan Spout


y straithes.jpg (14931 bytes)

Staithes  between Whitby & Goathland
Where the girls found the proof in Finding her family

y d castleton.jpg (14545 bytes)
Castleton actually in Derbyshire but on the
border of the area where the Rocklands books
are set.Castleton is famous for its morris dancers and is
probably where cook took Jen in Jen of Abbey School.


y shambles.jpg (21211 bytes)
York where the girls in At School with the
usually went to school
and where many of the Abbey boys went to school.

y_fountain.jpg (24239 bytes)
Fountains Abbey was a day trip in School Campfire


y peak.jpg (6890 bytes)
View of the Peak district near Jen's home,
the Grange and Rocklands school

y heather.jpg (15579 bytes)
Heather on the North Yorkshire Moors

y mallyan sp.jpg (24323 bytes)
Mallyan Spout, above and Saltersgate -
the Juniors first ramble in Rosaly’s
New School


ybeck.jpg (5574 bytes)

y_castleton.jpg (6404 bytes)
Castleton ,Derbyshire

Incline cottage at Beck Hole near where Rosaly first met Andrew.

Grosmont, one of the stations between Whitby & Goathland in Rosaly’s New School.

The 1- in 49 gradient between Goathland and Grosmont is one of the steepest rail gradients in the country. It replaced the 1 in 10 rope-worked incline between Beck Hole and Goathland which operated from 1836 to 1865. The new route involved blasting a cutting through the rocks. Elsie describes this change in the railway in Rosaly's New School. The path Rosaly and Andrew followed was the route of the original track.

y_harrogate.jpg (8721 bytes)
(above, right and below left) is the
station for changing to the main line, also the big
shopping town in School Campfire. The
crocuses (right) remind me of Mrs. Watson's
crocuses at the Abbey.

y_harrogcroc.jpg (6285 bytes)

y_harrogshops.jpg (6049 bytes)

y sheffield.jpg (7899 bytes)

Sheffield station where Jen and other travellers
to the Grange & Rocklands would have caught
the train

ysaltburntram.gif (12610 bytes) y_saltburn3.jpg (4601 bytes)
Saltburn's water-powered inclined cliff tramway is the oldest of its kind in Britain. Here there are breathtaking views of the wide sandy beaches, pier, cliffs and sea. Does anyone have pictures of the main part of Saltburn?

y satburn.jpg (8409 bytes)

Saltburn left, above and below was the location of Finding her Family. Although the name was not changed for this book the same location was used in At School with the Roundheads, but its name changed to Redburn.

y_satburn3.jpg (3445 bytes)

y_saltburnphotos.jpg (14097 bytes)
A folder with some of the photos it contains, of Saltburn as Elsie would have known it.

y_cutgoa.jpg (5453 bytes)
The Cut near Goathland

y_eyam1.jpg (9962 bytes)


y_eyam2.jpg (4769 bytes)

Above, below and left Eyam, the "Plague Village", possibly the one that Elsie used for Mistress Nanciebel
y_eyam3.jpg (7279 bytes)
For more information on the plague village visit Eyam Museum


xxThe Salt Cellar.jpg (9949 bytes)
The Salt Cellar - Peak District. Imagine
Mary Dorothy enjoying a walk  through the heather.

xxxHarboro RocksCave.jpeg (14193 bytes)
Harboro' Rocks - Peak District. Rock edge with caves. It's not hard to 'see' Rena, Nancy or Lisabel clambering up here.

y_capt.jpg (7530 bytes)
Captain Cook Monument - seen on the walk in School aWith the Roundheads

xxxFroggatt Edge.jpeg (8464 bytes)
Froggatt Edge - see left.

xxxCurbar Edge.jpeg (13173 bytes)
Curbar Edge - part of the rock cliffs
on the eastern edge of the moors,
which stretch for many miles from
Froggatt Edge in the south through
Curbar Edge and Stanage Edge to
Derwent Edge in the north, and contain
caves inhabited from earliest times, as
well as strange rock formations
with vivid local names.

xxxcastleton.jpeg (10450 bytes)
Castleton - view of the river from the
cavern and houses built on the edge

xxxCastleton garland ceremony.jpeg (35765 bytes)
Castleton Garland ceremony - "At Castleton...the Morris Dance is an
integral part of the Garland Ceremony, held each year on Oak-apple Day
29 May), except when it falls on a Sunday."- "The Peak District", by Robin
Whiteman, pub: George Weidenfeld & Nicholson Ltd, 1997

xxxDerwent Reservoir.jpeg (6600 bytes)
Derwent Reservoir - where the Dambusters
did some of their practice during WW2,
and where Birchinlee Tin Town was situated.
xxxCastleton main street.jpeg (8315 bytes)
Castleton main street, most houses built
of grey stone.

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