A trip though EJO Country 
Sussex and Surrey
Updated 12th January, 2015.
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Elsie Jeanette Oxenham published 87 books and numerous short stories for girls during the first half of last century. Most of them were set in England but a few were set in Wales, Scotland, Switzerland and France. Here are the places in Sussex and Surrey that we have found so far. We hope you enjoy "visiting" the places you have read about so often.

The locations that appear in RED actually exist.

Additions and corrections welcome at all times.

suss1.jpg (16170 bytes)

suss2.jpg (6355 bytes)

Views of Arundel (Kentisbury).
You can almost see Littlejan riding past.


s arund keep.jpg (8361 bytes)
The keep - I would also like to climb it - to
see the patterns made by Sellenger's Round.

s arun lake.jpg (7005 bytes)
Swanbourne Lake, where much of Patch & a Pawn takes place, and a favourite haunt of "trippers" in all the Kentisbury books.


so arun air.jpg (17200 bytes)
Aerial view of Arundel

s arundle.jpg (12235 bytes)
Bridge over the Arun


s_arundlepcard.jpg (5114 bytes)
An old postcard of Arundel

s_arun.jpg (7488 bytes)
The Arun with Arundel in the background   the grassed area could be where the Kentisbury children were kidnapped in Jandy Mac Comes Back


s_arundelkeep.jpg (7726 bytes)
View from the Keep at Arundel

s_private.jpg (4867 bytes)
The private apartments at Arundel

s_frkeep.jpg (4915 bytes)
Arundel village from the keep

s_entrypriv.jpg (4291 bytes)
Entry to Private apartments

s_littlehampton.jpg (7441 bytes)
Littlehampton at the mouth
of the Arun river .

s_blackrab.jpg (5211 bytes)
The Black Rabbit pub (Princess Royal) near Kentisburys_blackrabbit.jpg (7494 bytes)

s_watermead.jpg (3195 bytes)
Arun river - Water meadows where the kidnappers
dumped the children in Jandy Mac comes Back
s_watermeadows.jpg (2527 bytes)

Can you imagine the patterns of Sellenger's Round?

Su2.jpg (6356 bytes)
The Kentisbury greenhouse from where many of the Queens' flowers came.

s pagham.jpg (9287 bytes)

s_pagrail.jpg (3793 bytes)

s_pagham.jpg (19098 bytes)

Railway carriage bungalows and shingle beach at Pagham are featured in Junior Captain, The School Without a Name and Ven at Gregory's. The ones on the left are almost unrecognisable as carriages now, but you can see the rounded original roofline in the centre picture. Right - Pagham lagoon is now a nature reserve.

s_chanctonbury.jpg (4709 bytes)
Chanctonbury Ring - Maribel and
Rosalind listen to Cecily pipe for the
first time here in Abbey Girls Play Up

s_chancton.jpg (4453 bytes)

s chanct frm ci.jpg (18638 bytes)
Chanctonbury Ring (on the horizon) from Cissbury
. The Sixth walked there in Dorothy's Dilemma.


s_stormdam.jpg (3839 bytes)
Chanctonbury Ring today after being almost destroyed by a storm.

s_cissbury.jpg (3938 bytes)
Maribel’s guides picnicked here at Cissbury Ring  


s_chandew.jpg (4886 bytes)
Chanctonbury dew pond

s_frchanct.jpg (2854 bytes)
View from Chanctonbury ring.


s downs.jpg (13258 bytes)
The Sussex Downs where several of the
non - Abbey  books are set.s downs coast.jpg (6022 bytes)

s abinger.jpg (18290 bytes)

s abing ham.jpg (10799 bytes)

Abinger Hammer
village (above) where
Pixie had her caravan.
Jen visits her in Queen
of the Abbey.
Left - detail of the unique
clock at the inn.


s downs dorking.jpg (11211 bytes)
The downs near Dorking

s clematis.jpg (13903 bytes)
Clematis Cottage at Washington is now an Antique shop but in Elsie's time it was a tea shop and the original of the Rose and Squirrel. A group of Australian Abbey Girls are in the doorway.

s_brigtpav.jpg (11772 bytes)
The Royal Pavilion, Brighton

su_rose.jpg (8004 bytes)
Teas to raise funds for Oxfam - Rose cottage Easter Monday 1993


s shere.jpg (9717 bytes)
village and the nearby "Silent Pool"
from The Abbey Girls Play Up.

s silent.jpg (20927 bytes)


s_silent2.jpg (5402 bytes)
Gate on the path leading to the Silent Pool

s_silentpc.jpg (7902 bytes)
Old postcard of the boathouse at the Silent Pool

Another view of the Silent Pool


s_birlinggap.jpg (3461 bytes)
Birling gap

s_stgeorge.jpg (4786 bytes)
St George & the Dragon between Storrington & Arundel
The Woodend girls would have passed this on their way to Kentisbury

s_Storrington.jpg (9028 bytes)
Cottage at "Rainbows" model village at


s_franklin.jpg (6017 bytes)
Franklin Arms, the original of the Dragon near the Rose & Squirrel

s_goodwood.jpg (11410 bytes)
Interior & exterior photos of Goodwood House model for Rainbows from Daring Doranne & Margery Meets the Roses, no wonder Doranne didn't want to live there.

s_goodwood 2.jpg (5819 bytes)


s_worthing.jpg (7429 bytes)
An old postcard of the Deniston Gardens
in Worthing

s_ejoinverkip.jpg (6374 bytes)
Elsie's home in Worthing - Inverkip.

s_salvington.jpg (4076 bytes)
Salvington Mill near Worthing


su_farnham.jpg (3780 bytes)
Two pictures of pots from Farnham Pottery
where Mary Dorothy’s  & Biddy's pots came

su_farnham2.jpg (6455 bytes)


xxRottingdean Sussex.jpg (11157 bytes)
Rottingdean - The Sussex school
stories are set nearby.

xxStorrington Church Sussex.jpg (12097 bytes)
Storrington - Possible model
village for Rainbows village situated
between Washington and Arundel.

xxwindmillJack.jpg (7232 bytes)
Windmill Jack Sussex - Black
windmill mentioned in the
Sussex school stories.

xxSouth Downs Sussex.jpg (6445 bytes)
South Downs -  Sussex school stories.

xxWalking tracks, Sussex Downs.jpg (6113 bytes)
Walking tracks - Susses Downs

xxchanct.jpg (4475 bytes)
Another view of the devastated
Chanctonbury Ring


xxxBrigh PierSussex.jpeg (6961 bytes)
Brighton Pier

xxAbinger Hall  Surrey.jpeg (10486 bytes)
Abinger Hall - this is at Abinger Hammer in
Surrey  but is the right name. It has since
been destroyed.

xxxLittlehampton.jpeg (17622 bytes)
Littlehampton Harbour - At the mouth of the
river Arun, in some of the books it is referred
to by its proper name, but in JMCB as


Above & below 5
pictures of
church where Maidlin &
Jock give thanks when
they become engaged in
Maid of the Abbey.



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