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1993 Christmas Special, all fanfic, 40pp, contents below>

#1 October, 1992 32pp A5
*Sun Hill Personnel Past & Present
*The Language of TB..CLG
*Serious Police Work Pt.1..fic..CLG
*An Eye on TB..tiptruck
#2, Summer 1993 40pp A5
Cover(C)Jason Towers INCLUDES
*Serious Police Work Pt.2..fic..CLG
#3, Autumn 1993 48pp A5
Cover(C)Jason Towers INCLUDES
*Ep#371 Lest We Forget..in-depth..CLG
*It's A Good Job, Sometimes..fic..CLG
*Too Good to Refuse..fic..CLG
*By the Book..Monroe, in-depth..CLG
*In From the Off..CLG & TB
*Bookshop Bust..fic..tiptruck
#4, Winter 1993 40pp A5
Cover(C) Phil Cornell INCLUDES
*13Q Graham Cole interview..E Merrett
*My Experiences at TB..E Merrett
*Serious Police Work Pt.3..fic.CLG
*Under the Weather..fic..CLG
#5, Spring 1993 40pp A5
*Poles Apart..Roach & Brownlow..The Relationship..CLG
*Specials..Brief look at duties..CLG
*Ep #35 Not without Cause..in-depth..CLG
#6, Summer 1993 40pp A5
*The Short Straw, done & Dusted..CLG
*On Location:High Hopes etc..E Merrett
*3 of Sun Hill's Finest (Meadows, Stringer, Conway)..R Bird
*CI OPS to CLO..Conway, a look..CLG
#7, Autumn 1994 36pp A5
Yorkie Smith in-depth
*We Don't Need Another Hero..Avon
*Intervew with Bill rep
*We Care for London - The Met
*Ep#93 Saturday Blues
*From Typewriters to Truncheons..fic..US
#8, Winter 1994
*CLG interviews Colin Tarrant-short!
*Ep#82 Digging up the Past..in-depth
Sgt Tom Penny..in-depth..CLG
*Wit & Wisdom of Frank Burnside..R Bird
#9, Spring 1994 20pp A5
*Avon interviews Simon Rouse
*3 Wise Coppers:Frazer,Wray,Reid
*Report on Geoff McQueen's death
#10, Summer 1994-5 20pp A5
*The Best of Frank Burnside..A Derian
*5 original cast members-promo i/views
*PC171 Reg Hollis..look at..R Bird
*Always a Prat?..Reg..CLG look at
#11, Autumn 1995 20pp A5
Cover(C)Phil Cornell INCLUDES
*Him Upstairs..Brownlow..in-depth
*37 Years of Policing..Jim Brennan
*Reports on Colin Tarrant & Simon Rouse visit to Oz
#12, Summer 1996 28pp A5
*Ep #55 Nothing But theTruth ..fic..CLG
*Romance in TB..Soo & CLG
*Ep #22 In-depth Whose side are You On?
*Caught & Bowled..Stringer..CLG
*Datta's Day..Norika..N Harvey
*Fire & Rain..Ackland & Garfield..CLG
*Hole in One..Norika..CLG
*Spirit of the Game..Stamp & Quinnan..CLG
*Strictly Speaking..Stamp, Garfield, Quinnan..CLG
*Things that go Bump..Hollis & Stringer..CLG & Y S Hintz
*Loxton's Lager Louts..Peters, Monr
oe, Loxton..Robbie Peel

TOJAN HORSE Special issue 1993, 16pp A5
*Any Place, Any Time..fic..Alec Peters through the times of 'Trojan Horse'
*#228 Trojan Horse, the episode in depth

*Ken Melvin official notes
*Life & All That..fic..Brownlow
All by CLG

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Not illustrated. A RIGHT NATTER, YEAH! The Language of TB, 1993 A5 CLG, copies still available.