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Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
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AUSTRALIAN TV 1961-62 List of shows!
HEARTBEAT (c) Yorkshire TV
(The early years, plus books)
HELLZAPOPPIN' - Universal, 1941
MOYA BRADY Robbie of 'The Bill'
THE BILL (c) Thames TV
THE FJ HOLDEN - The cult Aussie movie
TV SCHOOL series
TV TIE-INS Books and magazines
Where the cast from show 1 stars in show 2.

Photo above shows Gary Waddell and
Karlene Rogerson from '
The FJ Holden'.

bc DVD Ratings out of 10

Regions 4 and 0 DVDs Ratings out of 10 For in-depth reviews I recommend Michael's DVD Oz site. As I don't have home theatre equipment I'm not eligible to give comprehensive reviews.
D=Desert Island 100: E=Extras (if any); H=Historical importance;
R=Rewatchability; T=Quality of transfer
NOTES: A&C= Abbott and Costello; B5= Babylon 5
Railway DVDS are listed on
Trains page.
7 Little Australians ABC TV 1973 set of 2 (on loan) D10, E9, H10, R10, T8
D7, H10, R7, T9
16 Days in September (Olympics 2000) Warner
D3, H7, R5, T9
84 Charing Cross Road Col./Tri
D10, H7, R10, T10
1941 extended R1
D10, E9, H10, R9, T9
2001 (borrowed)
D8, H9, R7, T9
D10, H7, R10, T9
Abba Gold
D10, E9, H9, R10, T9
A&C Boxed sets Vol.1,2,3,4 Universal Movies listed separately
A&C Jack & the Beanstalk Magna 05536
D7, H7, R6, T3
A&C Africa Screams Magna 01350 D3, H3, R5, T3
The A&C TV Show (Lou's Birthday & 3 others) Shanadhie
D10, H7, R10, T10
Across 110th Street MGM
D7, H5, R8, T9
Across the Pacific
D6, E10, H6, R8, T9
Adventures of Robin Hood, The
D9, E10,H7,R9, T10
Adventures of Robin Hood S1
D10, H10, R10, T7
Adventures of Robin Hood S3
Adventures of Superman S1
D10, E6, H9, R10, T9
Adventures of Superman S2
D7, E7, H7, R9, T9
Adventures of Superman S3/4
D7, E5, H7, R7, T7
Airport Terminal set: Airport
D7, H9, R7, T9
Airport 1975
D5, H5, R6, T9
Airport '77
D7, H7, R7, T9
Airport '79: Concorde
D8, H9, R8, T9
Aliens spec ed. 20th C
D10, E10, H7, R10, T8
All Creatures Great & Small S1, S2, S3, S4
D10, H10, R10, T9
All Quiet on the Western Front
D9, H10, R10, T10
Amazing Stories S1
Variable D5 to D10, H7, variable R3 to R10, T9
America by Rail, Vols. 1 and 2
American Graffiti - Univ/Col Tri - du31180 T
D9, E7, H9, R9, T10
Andromeda S1 (BC)
D7, E5, H7, R8, T9
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante Magna 01756
D8, H5, R9, T3
Angel S1
D7, E6 R7, T9
Are You Being Served?, Best of (on loan)
D10, H7, R10, T8
As Time Goes By, S1 to 4 (on loan)
D8, H7, R8, T10
Auto Focus Col.Ed. Columbia Tri D33845
D7, E10, H9, R7, T10
Aviator, The
D9, E5, H10, R9, T10
Babylon 5 The Gathering/In the Beginning WB 21189
D9, H9, R9, T7/T9
Babylon 5 S1 WB 23093 discs 5
D9, E7, H7, R9, T7
Babylon 5 S2 WB 24168 discs 5
D9, E5, H7, R9, T7
Babylon 5 S3 WB 27461
D10, E7, H10, R10, T10
Babylon 5 S4
D10, E7, H10, R10, T9
Babylon 5 S5
D9, E7, H7, R9, T9
The BACK of Beyond, Film Aust. (on loan PCL)
D9, E7, H10, R10, T7
Back to the Future Trilogy
D10, E8, H10, R10, T10
The BEACH Boys California Surfin' Les Art
D10, H10, R10, T6
The BEACH Boys Live at Knebworth 1980 Warner
D7, H7, R7, T10
The BEACH Boys The Lost Concert (on loan)
D10, H10, R10, T9
Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The WB 27534
D7, E9, H8, R7, T9
Ben Hur WB 65506
D7, E7, H7, R6, T9
Benny Hill, Very Best of - Umbrella DAVID0064
D3, E1, H5, R6, T4
Bergerac S1-3 (on loan)
D7, H7, R7, T8
Beverly Hills Cop - the Complete Lineup (1-3)
D8, E7, H6, R8, T9
The BIG Sleep (Bogart)
D8, E1, H7, R10, T9
The Bill 1-3
The Bill 4-5
D9, R10, T10
The Bill Collection 3
D9, R9, T10
The Bill Collection 4
D9, R9, T10
The Bill Collection 5
D9, R9, T10
Bill Bryson - Notes from a Small Island REL 102616-9
D7, H9, R8, T9
Blade Runner (on loan)
D5, E7, H7, R5, T10
Blake's 7 S1
D9, H5, R9, T9
Blake's 7 S2
Blake's 7 S3
Blast from the Past
D9, E8, H9, R10, T10
Blue Murder (1995 Au)
D9, H10, R10, T8
Blue Thunder Col
D10, H7, R10, T9
Bonanza 10-ep boxset (on loan)
D8, H8, R8, T9
Brazil 20th C
D5, E7, H7, R7, T10
Breaker Morant REL? 101272-9
D9, E4, H10, R9, T7
The BRIDGE on the River Kwai - 2 disc spec Col/Tri D10001
D9, E7, H10, R9, T9
Broadway Melody of 1936
D10, E10, H9, R10, T9
Broadway Melody of 1938
D5, E 10, H5, R6, T7
Buck Privates (A&C)
D10, H7, R10, T10
Bullitt WB 01029
D7, E6, H5, R9, T10
Butterflies S1-S2 (on loan) D8, E5, H7, R7, T9
Calamity Jane WB22292P
D10, H5, R10, T10
Callan (movie) - Umbrella DAVID0017
D9, E5, H9, R10, T9
Cary Grant-Gunga Din/My Favourite Wife Magna DVD 02500
D7, H7, R7, T6
Casablanca - 2 disc ed
D9, E7 (faulty), H9, R9, T10
D5, H5, R5, T9
CE3K, Director's Cut Col D26501
D9, H9, R10, T9
Cheers S1
D9, E3, H7, R9, T10
Cheers S2
D7, E6, H6, R9, T10
CHiPs S1
D8, E7, H9, R8, T10
Chronicles of Narnia, The Collect.Ed BBC 802-9 (on loan)
D7, E7, H5, R9, T8
Chronicles of Rock'n'Roll WB
D5, H7, R7, T7
Cinema Paradiso 4-Disc Spec
D9, E6, H10, R10, T9
City Lights (on loan)
D7, E7, H10, R8, T9
Colditz Story, The (on loan)
D7, H5, R7, T9
Colour of War The ANZACs
D10, H10, R10, T9
Come in Spinner (on loan PCL)
D9, H10, R10, T10
Contact Spec Ed (on loan)
D9, E7, H7, R10, T9
Crackerjack D8, E7, H8, R9, T9
D8, E5, H7, R9, T10
CSI 1.01, 1.02
D7, H5, R8, T10
Dad's Army Best of V1 BBC B00548-9
D10, E2, H7, R10, T8z
Dad's Army Best of V2 BBC B00610-9
D7, E5, H5, R8, T5
Dam Busters, The (on loan)
D9, H9, R10, T9
Darling Buds of May, The S1
D7, H8, R7, T7
Darling Buds of May, The S2
D7, H8, R7, T9
Das Boot Director's Cut Columbia/TriS D25358
D8, E3, H9, R6, T10
Day the Earth Stood Still, The Fox 1011SDW
D10, E7, H10, R10, T10
Day the Earth Stood Still, The - Spec 2-disc ed
D10, E10, H10, R10, T10
Dead Zone, The, complete
D8, E5, H7, R9, T9
Dexter S1
D9, E7, H7, R10, T10 (on loan)
Dexter S2
D10, E8, H7, R10, T10
Dexter S2
D10, E4, H7, R10, T10
Diamonds are Forever Spec Ed (CLG)
D6, E10, H7, R6, T10
Dick Francis Mysteries
D6, H6, R7, T7
Die Another Day Spec Ed MGM n23751sdw
D3, E5, H1, R5, T9
Doctor Who, New Adventures 1/1 (on loan)
D7, H7, R7, T10
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, double 1932
D7, E10, H9, R8, T7 & 1941 D5, H5, R5, T9
Dr Strangelove 40th Aniv 2-disc D7, E8, H9, R7, T10
Duchess of Duke Street S1 (on loan) D10, H10, R10, T10
Duel Spec.Ed.
D9, E9, H10, R9, T9
D9, E9, H9, R10, T10
ET Spec Ed 2-disc Univ 905 217 9
D9, E8, H9, R9, T10
Earth vs the Flying Saucers Col.
D7, E9, H9, R7, T9
Fahrenheit 451 Universal 8201478
D9, E10, H8, R8, T9
Fangio, Duke (on loan PCL)
D7, E8, H10, R8, T7
Farscape S1
Field of Dreams (on loan)
D9, E7, H9, R10, T10
Fighting 69th, The
D9, E10, H9, R9, T10
Final Countdown, The D9, E10, H9, R9, T9
Firefly (series) D9, H7, R9, T10
FJ Holden, The UM
D10, E3, H10, R10, T7
Forbidden Planet - WB - 56565
D10, E3, H10, R9, T7
Forbidden Planet 2-disc Spec
D10, E7, H7, R10, T10
Forest Gump 2-disc Spec
D10, E10, H9, R10, T10
Flying High aka Airplane Spec Ed
D9, E8, H9, R10, T9
Forty-Second Street (1933)
D10, E10, H10, R10, T9
The FOUR Feathers (1939) Magna
D7, E5, H5, R9, T7
General, The
D9, H10, R9, T8
George Formby Movie Collection
D10, H10, R5-10, T5-9
Ghostbusters 1 & 2 - 2 disc set - Col
D9, E7, H5, R9, T9
Gold Diggers of 1933
D10, E10, H10, R9, T9
Gone in 60 Seconds (1974 original) Magna DVD09900
D10, E10, H7, R9, T10
Goodbye Mr. Chips WB 65837
D10, H7, R10, T7
Grand Hotel WB 65084 D7, E10, H7, R7, T8
Grand Prix 2 disc
D8, E10, H10, R8, T10
The GREAT Dictator WB
D10, E9, H10, R10, T10
The GREAT Escape Spec Ed
D10, E10, H9, R9, T10
The GREAT Locomotive Chase (on loan)
D10, H10, R10, T10
The GREAT St Louis Bank Robbery - Magna 05255
D6, H7, R6, T7
The GREAT Ziegfeld WB D9, E5, H9, R9, T8
Groundhog Day
D9, H7, R9, T9
Hancock, Best of (on loan)
D9, H10, R9, T7
Hard Day's Night, A
FAULTY, extras disc ok E7
Hawaii Five-0 S1
D8, H9, R8, T10
Hellzapoppin' - Avenue One - AVO44006
D10, E5, H9, R10, T6
Hogan's Heroes S1-S2 (on loan)
D9, H5, R10, T10
Homicide: Life on the Streets' S1-2
D10, E8, H9, R10, T8
Homicide - ('Homicide: Life on the Streets' sequel) Rainbow 9732
D10, H7, R10, T10
Hot Shots 20th C
D6, H5, R7, T8
Hot Shots Part Deux 20th C
D8, H5, R10, T9
House of Wax)same WB disc 1933
D8, H10, R9, T6
House of Wax)same disc 1953
D6, E10, H7, R6, T9
How Green was My Valley 20th C
D9, E5, H10, R9, T10
I, Robot spec ed. 20th C
D9, E10, H7, R9, T10
Independence Day Spec Ed 20th C 4147SDW
D9, E10, H7, R9, T10
It (miniseries) WB
D9, E5, H8, R10, T10
Italian Job, The (original)
D7, E9, H7, R7, T10
It's a Wonderful Life Magna DVD05530
D10, H10, R10, T10
Jaws Collector Ed - Univ/Col tri - du30744
D8, E7, H7, R9, T10
Jet Jackson, Flying Commando aka Captain Midnight set
D10, H10, R10, T2-8
Joe 90 Magna set of 5 Magna DBX10005
D7, E7, H9, R9, T10
John Wayne Vol.2 - Magna - dvd05605
Jolson Story, The + Jolson Sings Again Col DPO1227
D10, H9, R10, T10
Jungle Book Magna 05553
D6, H5, R7, T3
Junkman, The aka Gone in 60 Seconds 2, Magna
D9, E6, H7, R10, T10
Keep 'Em Flying (A&C)
D10, H5, R10, T10
Keeping Up Appearances (on loan) S1 on
D7, H7, R8, T9
Kentucky Fried Movie Umbrella DAVID0092
D3, E5, H7, R5, T9
Kid, The (Chaplin) WB
D9, E7, H10, R10, T10
King Kong Magna DVD05626
D9, H10, R10, T8
Knight Rider S1
D7, E5, H7, R7, T9
Land Speed - Magna - dvd05700
D1, E7, R3, T7
Laurel & Hardy Magna DVD05800
D10, H10, R10, T1 to T5
Laurel and Hardy 20thC 6 movie collection (on loan) D9, H10, R10, T9
Law & Order - Corruption Empire WB (on loan)
D9, H7, R7, T9
Lawrence of Arabia - 2 disc set -Col
D10, E9, H9, R10, T10
Licence to Kill
D6, H9, R7, T8
Little House on the Prairie S1, S2, S3, S4
D8, H9, R9, T8
Lone Gunmen, The
D9, E7, H7, R9, T9
Lost S1-S6 D10, E9, H7, R10, T10
LOTR: The Fellowship of the Rings Roadshow 1035559
D7, E5 Faulty, H7, R7, T9
Macgyver S1, S2 (loan)
D7, H7, R7, T8
Man About the House Series 1 Umb DAVID0148
D9, E3, H6, R10, T9
Mad Max Roadshow 04885
D9, E4, H9, R7, T10
Mad Max 2 (actually The Road Warrior US version) WB
D7, H5, R6, T6 Faulty
D10, E7, H10, R10, T10
Melbourne 1956 (Olympics) Warner
D10, E3, H10, R8, T10
Men in Black II Collector Edition - 2 disc set Columb-Tri - D32718
D5, E7, H1, R7, T10
Man from Laramie, The Colum D10242
D7, H7, R9, T9
M*A*S*H special ed
D8, E6, H8, R8, T9
M*A*S*H S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7 (on loan)
D10, H7, R10, T8
Minder, Series 1,2,3 (on loan)
D10, E7, H10, R10, T9
Minority Report - 2 disc set 20th - 20918sdw
D5, E7, H6, R7, T10
Modern Times (on loan)
D8, E6, H8, R8, T10
Monk S1, S2 (on loan)
D9, H7, R9, T10
Monk S3, S4 (on loan)
D5, H7, R5, T9
Muriel's Wedding spec ed. R
My Fair Lady 2-Disc Spec Ed WB
D10, E10, H7, R10, T10
My Man Godfrey Magna DVD06162
D9, H7, R9, T3
Naked Gun, The collection (1-3)
D7, H6, R7, T9
NCIS S1 (on loan)
D8, H5, R9, T9
Newsfront, Roadshow 1027909
D10, E6, H10, R9, T10
Objective Burma WB
D10, E10, H10, R9, T10
The ODD COUPLE s1 (on loan) D9, H9, R10, T10
Odyssey 5
D8, H7, R9, T9
D9, E9, H9, R8, T10
Omega 5 (mini)
Omega Man, The WB
D7, E6, H9, R7, T10
On the Avenue 20thC
D9, H9, R10, T8
One Foot in the Grave S1 (on loan)
D9, H10, R10, T9
One Night in the Tropics (A&C)
D5, H7, R5, T9
Odd Couple ll, The - Param (on loan)
D8, H7, R8, T10
Only Fools and Horses S1-S6
D7, H7, R7, T8
The OUTER Limits S1
D10, H10, R10, T9
The OUTER Limits S2
D9, H10, R9, T9
The new OUTER Limits S1
D9, H9, R9, T10
Paton spec ed. 20thC
D9, E9, H10, R8, T10
The PERILS of Pauline / Love Laughs at Andy Hardy Rainbow rdvd 2-8010

See my IMDb reviews
The PERSUADERS set (1-3) Magna DBX11149
D6, E7, H9, R3-7, T10
Phantom Planet, The Payless 600321
D7, H5, R7, T8
Picnic at Hanging Rock 2-disc director's cut (on loan)
D7, E10, H9, R7, T10
Planet of the Apes (original) - 20th - 1054sdw
D5, E6, H6, R9, T9
Planet of the Apes TV series complete D9, H7, R9, T9
Pleasantville D9, E9, H10, R9, T8
Polar Express, The - 2 disc set - WB
D7, E5, H7, R7, T9
Priscilla Queen of the Desert 10th Aniv. special
D8, E9, H5, R7,T10
Private Buckaroo
D5, H7, R6, T7
Professionals, The Eps 1-14 Dossier 1
D5, E4, H7, R6, T6
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) S1.1-2 on loan
D9, E7, H10, R9, T10
Resting Place
D9, H10, R10, T8
Rescue Me s1
D9, H10, R9, T10
Rescue Me s2
D9, H10, R9, T10
Rescue Me s3
D9, H10, R9, T10
Rescue Me s4
coming at B's
Right Stuff, The 2 disc ed WB24499
D5, E9, H7, R5, T8
RKO 281
D8, H10, R8, T10
Robin Hood - The movie - Magna - dvd07220
D5, R8
Robin Hood - Greatest Adventures -Magna - dvd07222
D5, R8
Robin Hood - Quest for the Crown Magna dvd 07221
D5, R8
Roswell, complete
Royal Wedding Magna DVD07156
D7, H7, R8, T7
Rumpole complete (on loan) D10, E5, H10, R10, T9
Serenity 2-disc Spec
D8, E9, H5, R9, T9
Sgt Bilko 50th Aniv. ed
D9, E9 H10, R10, T10
Shall We Dance / Follow the Fleet - Magna - dvd05100
See my IMDb reviews.
D9, H9, R10, T9
Sherlock Holmes JB Complete
D10, H9, R7-10, T10
D10, E9, H7, R10, T10
D10, E7, H9, R10, T10
D10, E7, H9, R10, T10
D10, E7, H9, R10, T10
The SHIELD s5 D10, E7, H9, R10, T10
D10, E6, H9, R10, T9
D10, E8, H7, R10, T10
Shipwrecked (on loan)
D6, H6, R7, T10
Shooting Through!
D10, H10, R10, T7
Short Circuit
D9, E3, H7, R10, T10 (on loan)
Short Circuit 2
D10, E5, H5, R10, T10 (on loan)
Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Waters Les Studios
D10, H9, R10, T6
Singin’ in the Rain - 2 disc set Spec Ed - WB - 57490
D6, E10 (faulty), H7, R7, T10
Space-1999 S1 set of 6 Magna DB19005
currently watching T10
Space-1999 S2
Sphere Spec Ed
D7, E7, H5, R7, T10
Stand by Me Col
D10, E9, H10, R10, T10
Spooks S1, S2 on loan
D10, E9, H9, R10, T9
Spooks S3, S4 on loan
D8, H7, R8, T9
Spooks S5 on loan D9, H8, R9, T10
ST:TMP Directors Edition Para - 5125
D6, E7, H5, R5, T10
Star Trek - Generations Spec Ed
D5, E5, H5, R5, T10
Star Wars / A New Hope 4 2-disc Spec ed D9, E4, H9, R9, T9
Stargate Atlantis S1-3 BC
D7, H7, R7, T9
Statgate Arc of Truth
D7, H8, R8, T9
Stargate Continuum
D7, H8, R8, T9
Steve Canyon 4-ep Special ed
See IMDb review. Given to George.
Steve Canyon V.1
D8, E still listening, H10, R9, T9
Steve Canyon V.2 D9, E still listening, H10, R9, T10
Story of Golf, The D9, H10, R9, T8
Stowaway 20thC
D8, H5, R9, T5
Stripes (extended)
D7, H9, R8, T9
Sunderland vs Leeds Utd, 1973 FA Cup Final
D10, H10, R10, T9
Sun Valley Serenade
D10, H8, R10, T10
Superman the movie - Special Ed - WB - 01013
D7, E7, H6, R8, T10
SW - Attack of the Clones - 2 disc set - Limited ed - 20th 22545sdc
D5, E5, H3, R5, T9
SW - Revenge of the Sith - 2 disc set 20th
D7, E5, H5, R7, T9
Sweeney 2 Univ 8211952A
D5, H7, R7, T9
Sykes, Best of (on loan)
D9, H9, R9, T7
Taxi S1
D8, H7, R8, T9
Team America Spec Ed
D7, E7, H5, R7, T10
Terminator 2 2-disc Ultimate Ed Univ 8208447 D8, E10, H7, R10, T9
The 3 Stooges Vol.1 - Magna - dvd01000
D9, R9, T3- 9
The 39 Steps Magna 01481
D8, H7, R10, T6
The Chronicles of Rock'n'Roll aka The Alan Freed Story WB
D9, H10, R7, T10
The MAGNIFICENT Seven - Special Ed MGM - 16023sdw
D7, E7, H8, R8, T9
The MAN Who Knew Too Much Magna DVD01480
D7, H7, R9, T3
D9, E5, H7, R9, T10
The TEN Commandments Spec ed. Par.
D9, E10, H10, R8, T9
The TRAIN MGM 1003384
D8, H7, R9, T10
Theatre of War (Capra) 10-pack doc.
D5, H10, R8, T3
They Drive by Night WB
D7, E10, H9, R9, T9
They’re a Weird Mob - Roadshow - 1029289
D7, E9, H9, R7, T9
Thief of Bagdad, The Magna
D9, H8, R9, T7
Third Watch S1
D10, H7, R10, T10
Thirty Seconds over Tokyo
D10, E9, H10, R10, T10
This Island Earth
D10, H9, R10, T10
Thomas S3
D7, H8, R8, T10
Thomas S4 D7, H7, R7, T9
THX 1138 Director's Cut WB
D7, E9, H9, R7, T10
Till the Clouds Roll By - Rajonvision - rv0084
D7, H5, R8, T7
Tin Cup WB
D5, H5, R6, T9
To the Manor Born - S1 (on loan)
D7, H6, R8, T10
Trial & Error - Umbr (on loan)
D1, H5, R1, T9
Tron Disney 20th Aniv 2-disc PO2200
D7, E7, H10, R5, T9
20 Million Miles to Earth Col. Coming
Twilight Zone S1 D10, E9, H10, R10, T10
Upstairs, Downstairs complete &T (on loan) D10, H10, R10, T5
Vanishing Point 20th C D10, H7, R10, T10
Von Ryan's Express 20th D9, H8, R10, T10
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 20th C
D6, H7, R7, T9
Wall Street spec ed. 20th C
D9, E7, H8, R9, T9
War of the Worlds remake 2-disc Spec
D7, E6, H5, R7, T9
Winchester '73
D9, E7, H7, R9, T9
Wire, The S1
D10, E3, H10, R10, T10
Wire, The S2
D10, E3, H10, R10, T10
Wire, The S3
D10, E3, H10, R10, T10
Wire, The S4
D10, E6, H10, R10, T10
Wire, The S5
D10, E9, H10, R10, T10
Who Framed Roger Rabbit spec.ed. T
D9, E10, H10, R9, T10
Wire in the Blood S1 (on loan)
D9, H7, R10, T9
World at War complete
D9, E9, H10, R9, T9
World's Fastest Indian,
The D9, E7, H9, R10, T10
Wycliffe S1 (on loan)
D6, H7, R7, T8
The X Files S1 #1 20th C
D9, E1, H7, R8, T8
The X Files S8 D8, E5, H7, R7, T10
The X Files S9 D8, E5, H7, R8, T9
The X Files I Want to Believe
D7, E7, H7, R8, T9
Young Frankenstein, 20th C
D6, E7, H5, R5, T10
Zorba the Greek, 20th C
D8, E3, H10, R9, T8
Zulu - Special
D7, E10, H9, R8, T10

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