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This is the page where children's books and television collide.
As a fan of either or both children's books and television, you'll find something of interest on this page. There's a 1980 cut-off point, although this isn't a hard and fast rule.

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I asked GIRLS' OWN readers to tell me of TV SCHOOLS they remembered. Here are readers' responses.

From: Michael
(truly venturing into an area I know NOTHING about, since I don't even own a T.V.!). There was one (if I'm not mistaken) called "Good Morning, Mr. Doubleday", which I think I saw a few times at my parents' place many years ago. I seem to recall it was a bit like "Please, Sir" (which I also saw a few times). I don't recall if it was pre-1980s, though. (I also heard rumours that Dawn French was going to star as Mam'zelle Dupont in a very free adaptation of Enid Blyton's "Malory Towers" series of school stories - but I also read elsewhere that this had been scrapped.
Perhaps thank goodness, because it was apparently going to feature Enid Blyton's characters getting involved in messy love affairs, drugs, and all sorts of modern things I'm sure never crossed Blyton's mind. But it would have been interesting to see how Dawn French acted the part of the good-natured but volatile French mistress.)

From: Harriet
There used to be an Australian TV program called Glenview High. I think it would have been in the 70s, as I have a feeling I was watching it before I went to high school.

From: Nicky
Well, Grange Hill started c1978. There were two Jennings series, one in 1958 (which followed on from a hugely successful radio series) and the other in 1966. And an adaptation of Tom Brown's Schooldays around 1973 (parodied in the Tompkinson's Schooldays episode of Ripping Yarns) . I'm sure others can think of more

From: Jan
Glenview High (I think that is the name - Australian)
Square Pegs (American)
Grange Hill (British -began in 1977 and is still going)

From Ann
Does radio count? In 1972-1973, the British children's radio programme "Fourth Dimension" featured several plays based on Anthony Buckeridge's "Jennings" books. As far as I remember, Anthony Buckeridge himself played the part of Mr. Wilkins. There were probably radio productions of Jennings before that; but they'd have been before my time.
ME: Thanks for this. I'll list radio shows but won't be going into detail.

From: Belinda
I'm sure I won't be the only person to suggest this, but if you're including UK series, then you absolutely must have Grange Hill, which ran through much of the 80s but actually started back in about 1976 IIRC. It was *huge* in the UK and spawned a series of books too; everyone in their mid to late thirties in the UK remembers the early days of Grange Hill! Lots of people who are now established TV stars started off as child actors in it. It has been included in at least one lit-crit book about school stories, too. Phil Redmond was the original writer (he of "Brookside" fame, a soap also huge inUK).
Belinda Copson

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CLASS OF 74/75

7 Network-
Grundy / 39x60m-e / 1977-78
Producer: Ron McLean / Music: Mike Perjanik
Drama series. Life for the teachers and students at the tough inner city secondary school of the title, especially English teacher Greg Walker fresh from teaching in a rural country school.
GRIGOR TAYLOR as Greg Walker
ELAINE LEE as Margaret Gibson
KEN JAMES as Tom Walker /
BILL KERR as Harry Carter
TIM BURNS as Miller


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