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By title, excluding 'a' or 'the'.
Books be my Destiny. Maurice Edmonds, 1984, 108pp. Limited edition of 1000 copies. isbn 9596383 0 Y
Golden Age of Booksellers, The.
"Fifty Years in the Trade" Ron Abbey, Abbey Press, 1981 isbn 0 9593891 0 5. Limited edition of 1000 copies, 225pp. Series of interviews with Australian booksellers.
Old Books, Old Friends, Old Sydney. James R. Tyrrell A&R 1952, 193pp. Illustrated, photos and map; the essential guide to mid-20th Century Sydney bookshops and booksellers.
Old Books, Old Friends, Old Sydney. James R. Tyrrell A&R, 1987, 219pp. isbn 0207 15299 3 "The fascinating reminiscences of a Sydney bookseller." This edition includes the 1957 postscript but the map is greatly reduced in size.
Sydney's Phantom Book Shops. Isadore Brodsky. Uni Co-op Bookshop, Sydney, 1973. 144pp, illust. isbn 0 95990 39 0 9 Social history of Sydney's bookshops; essential reading!

By author
Carter, John: ABC for Book Collectors, Granada, revised by Nicholas Barker, 1982 (1952)
Carter, John: Taste & Technique in Book Collecting, CUP 1948 (PLA 1972)
Connoly, Joseph: Modern First Editions, Orbis, 1984 (85) isbn 0 85613 657 3
Shep, Robert L : Cleaning and Caring for Books, Sheppard, 1982, a practical manual
Towne, Laurence: Book Binding by Hand, F&F 1951 (63) For students and craftsmen
Wilson, Robert A : Modern Book Collecting, Knope, 1980 A guide for the beginner

By title, excluding 'a' or 'the'.
Aldine Publishing Company - Boldly going Where No Man has gone before. Maurice Allward, in Mayfair (a UK men's magazine of the 1970s), Vol.7, no.12 (undated), p86.
Antique Dealer and Collectors Guide, The: Collecting Children's Books: article by Eric Quayle in issue for Nov.1973 (London). Same issue 'Oh! What a Wonderful Filing System' by Noel Riley, on the Opies' filing system for books and toys. This is a special juvenilia issue.

Australian children's books: a bibliography vol 1.1774-1972
. Marcie Muir. Melbourne University Press, 1992. (Listing with descriptions of every edition of every title so you can identify your collection.)
Australian children's books: a bibliography vol. 2 1973. Kerry White. Melbourne University Press, 1992.
Authors and illustrators of Australian childrens books. Walter McVitty. Hodder and Stoughton, Sydney, 1989.
The Autobiography of Frank Richards, Charles Hamilton. Skilton Memorial, London, 1962.
Ballantyne the Brave by Eric Quayle, Faber 1959
Best of British Comic Art, The. Alan Clark, Boxtree, 1989, isbn 1 85283 264 9 Available.
Blazers, Badges and Boaters by Alex Davidson (Pictorial History of School Uniform), Scope c1990, ISBN 0 906619 25 4
Billabong's Author: The life of
Mary Grant Bruce. Alison Alexander. AandR, Sydney, 1979.
Billy Bunter Picture Book, The. C H Chapman, Charles Hamilton Museum, 102pp. Delightful!
Books and the Teen-age Reader
by G Robert Carlsen, Harper and Rowe NY 1971, dj,
ISBN 06 010608 5
Boys Friend Library, Origins of. Bill Lofts & D Adley. A guide and cross-reference.
British Children's Books in the Twentieth Century
by Frank Eyre, Longman 1971, dj
ISBN 0 582 15067 1
Buchan, John and His World. Janet A Smith, T&H, 1979 isbn 0 500 13067 1
Charles Hamilton Museum, The - Illustrated.
Children and Literature-Views and Reviews
by Virginia Haviland, Scott Foresman pb 1973
ISBN 0 673 07676 8
Children's Annual, The. Alan Clark, Boxtree, 1988, isbn 1 85283 212 6 A history and collectors' guide. Available.
Children's BookPublishing in Britain Since 1945 by Kimberley Reynolds and Nicholas Tucker, published by Ashgate, UK.
Children's Fiction
by Sheila Ray, Brokhampton pb 1972
ISBN 0 340 15914 6
Children's Fiction by John and Jonathan Cooper, published by Ashgate, UK.
Children's literature: an illustrated history.
Peter Hunt. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1995
Collecting Children's Books,
Book & Magazine Collector, UK 1995 isbn 0 9515553 7 5
Collectors' Digest Annual Content List.
Naveed Haque, Happy Hours.
Comic Annual Guide, The Hamer
Martin Hamer. A concise yet comprehensive guide to British comic (and non-comic) annuals. Estimated valuations are also given. The Guide is A5, 154pp, soft cover with square spine ISBN 0 9537875 0 8. You'll find a review on our REVIEWS page.
Crickey, it's Christmas! Alex Kernaghan. Sumptuous tribute to Billy Bunter and The Magnet Christmas numbers, in Mayfair (a UK men's magazine of the 1970s-80s), Vol.24, no.12 (undated), p37.
Detective Weekly.
Lofts and Adley, Happy Hours, 1987, title, author and cross-reference listing.
Diaries of
Ethel Turner, The, compiled by Phillippa Poole. Lansdowne Press, Sydney, 1979.
Dictionary of American children's fiction, 1859-1959 -1985- by Alethea K. Helbig; Agnes Regan. Greenwood Press, Westport, 1985.
Dromkeen: a journey into children's literature. Bettina bird; Jeffrey Prentice. J M Dent, Melbourne, 1987.
Dromkeen: 1988 Exhibition Tour booklet. Ashton/Scholastic. Also a poster.
Edgar Wallace by Margaret Lane. HH 1964
Encyclopaedia of Girls' School Stories, The
, Sue Sims and Hilary Clare, published by Ashgate, UK, 2000. The definitive reference work.
ISBN 0 7546 0082 3
Encyclopaedia of Boys' School Stories, The, Robert Kirkpatrick, published by Ashgate, UK, 2000. The definitive reference work.
Elsie Jeanette Oxenham and her books. Monica Godfrey. 1979 (Booklet)
Forty-Two Faces, profiles of Australian writers. John Hetherington, Cheshire, 1962
From a chair in the sun: The life of
Ethel Turner. A.T. Yarwood. Viking Aust, Ringwood, 1994.
Gem Catalogue, The.
Bill Lofts, OBBC, London, 48pp.
George Alfred Henty
by Manville Fenn, Blackie 1907
Great Grandmama's Weekly, Wendy Forrester, A celebration of the GIRL'S OWN PAPER 1880-1901,
Lutterworth 1980, isbn 0 7188 2450 4
Henty, G A & Hentyana, Bibliography.
Kennedy & Farmer. Farmer, nd, London.
-The British Review (magazine) articles:
No.19 Dec.1987 page 61; PAGE ONE STORY-Norman Wright looks at some of the STORY PAPERS that used to enliven Christmas. Illustrated with Christmas numbers of The Gem, Union Jack and Boy's Own.
No.20 Feb.1988 pages 41-43; WIRELESS DAYS-David Ashford turns to the golden age of radio. Illustrated with Radio Fun, PC 49 annual and Charles Chilton's classic radio tie-in The Red Planet.
No.25 Dec 1988 page 50; BUNTER'S EIGHTY-Norman Wright pays a visit to the Fat Owl on his 80th anniversary. Illustrated with The Magnet Christmas number for 1935, no.1454.

History of Australian childrens book illustration, A.
Marcie Muir. Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1982.
History of Australian children's literature, A 1841-1941 by H M Saxby. Wentworth Books, Sydney, 1969
History of Australian children's literature, A 1941-1971 by Maurice Saxby; Marjorie Cotton. Wentworth Books, Sydney, 1971
Idriess, Ion. Beverley Eley, EET/Harper Collins isbn 1 875892 08 7
Jennings Companion, The- available from Summersdale Publishers, 46 West Street, Chichester, Sussex, PO19 1RP, UK
Journey to the Hidden Kingdoms. Jim Mackenzie. A guide to the children's books of Newcastle, Tyneside and Northumberland. Available.
Junior book of authors, The
by Stanley J Kunitz. H W Wilson, New York, 1951.
Letters of Frank Richards, The. Eric Fayne, pvt. publication. 52pp CD
Literary Pseudonyms, Dictionary of.
Frank Atkinson, Clive Bingley, London, 1982(75) isbn 0 857157 323 1
Louisa May: a modern biography of
Louisa May Alcott. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1977.
Maclean's, Canadian national magazine, Montreal; December 21, 1957 article, 'A Wonderland of Children's Books' by John Gray; The story of Edgar Osborne's collection in Toronto library.
Magnet, The - special souvenir edition! Facsimile of no.1 in paper wraps 1/6, 1965.
Maniacs Guide to the
Biggles Books, The: by Rowland Smythe Published by Ventos Books, Birmingham, 1993 (glueback). - Lists the Biggles books in reading order, together with much useful trivia which will enhance you enjoyment of these stories by W E Johns.
Maud: The life of L.M.Montgomery the creator of Anne of Green Gables. Seal Bantam, New York, 1992.
Men Behind Boys' Fiction, The: by W O Lofts and D J Adley. Howard Baker Books, London, 1970 (hardback) ISBN 09 3047703
More junior authors by Muriel Fuller. H W Wilson, New York, 1963.
National Trust Magazine - NT of Australia, issue 40, June 1987, article on Juniper Hall
Nelson Lee Library, The, & Edwy Searles Brooks.
Robert Blythe, 1963, 1971 the guide.
Ninety Glorious Years
by John Wernham and Mary Cadogan (Eric Fayne on The Gem and The Magnet), Museum Press, c1990.
Old Boys Books - A Complete Catalogue. Bill Lofts and Derek Adley. 1969. Pvt. publication. Details of story papers, annuals, comics and libraries; the only such guide up till that time.
Oxford companion to Australian children's literature, the:
by Stella Lees; Pam Macintyre. Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1993
Oxford companion to Children's literature, The: by Humphrey Carpenter and Mari Prichard. Oxford University Press, 1984.
Oxford Hstory of New Zealand Literature in English edited by Terry Sturm - contains useful info on both NZ and Australian authors.
Play Up and Play the Game
by Patrick Howarth : The Heroes of Popular Fiction. Eyre Methuen, Lon 1973 sbn 413 261107
Rider Haggard, His Life and Work by Motron Cohen, MacM 1968
Saint and Leslie Charteris, The.
Bill Lofts & Derek Adley, Hutch. 1971 isbn 09 304800 9
Saturday Book, The
: Temporarily located on this page pending a dedicated page.
Schoolmates of long ago: Motifs and Archetypes in Dorita Fairlie Bruce. Lofgren, Eva Margareta. Symposium Graduale, Stockholme/Stehag, 1993. (English Lang, ed)
Schoolgirl Ethic, The: The life and work of Angela Brazil. Alen Lane, London, 1976.
Sequels, an Annotated guide to Novels in Series. Janet Husband, Amer. Lib. Assoc., 1982, 361pp, isbn 0 8389 0368 1.
Sequels. Vol.1 Adult Books & Vol.2 Children's Books.
Dorne Fraser, AAL Pub., Newcastle, UK
Seven Little
Billabongs:The world of Ethel Turner and Mary Grant Bruce. Brenda Niall. Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1979.
Sexton Blake Catalogue + Supplement. L & J Packman, 91pp. Monumental guide to Blake, pvt. publication.
Sexton Blake, Valiant's Book of TV's.
Fleetway, 1968. Stories and comics of Blake & Tinker.
Singing road, The: A guide to Australian authors and illustrators. Part 1
. Hugh Anderson. Wentworth Press, Sydney, 1965.
Singing road, the: A guide to Australian authors and illustrators. Hugh Anderson.Part 2, Wentworth Press, Sydney, 1969.
Story Makers II, The - pub. OUP Melbourne,1990 isbn 0 19 554965 1 glueback 66pp; a second collection of interviews with Australian and New Zealand authors and illustrators for young people, edited by Margaret Dunkle. Interviews, one to a page with a photograph of the subject, provide an interesting insight into the early reading habits of recent popular children's authors. Find out who read 'Abbey', 'William' and Enid Blyton books.
Story of my life, The.
Enid Blyton. Pilkins, London, 1952.
Story Paper Collector's Digest - Hamiltonian Content list. Naveed Haque, Happy Hours, 1995
Talbot Baines Reid, Author, Bibliographer, Typefounder
by Stanley Morison, CUP 1960
Thomas the tank engine man, The: the story of the Reverend Awdry -1995 by Brian Sibley.
Third book of junior authors by Doris de Montreville. H W Wilson, New York, 1972
Thriller, The. Derek J Adley and Bill Lofts, Cadwallender, 1983. Limited edition of 100 copies. Title list.
Twentieth-Century children's writers
by D. L Kirkpatrick. St Martins Press, New York, 1983.
Wallace, Edgar. Margaret Lane, HH, 1964 (1938)
Wasn't It Yesterday? Autobiography of
Pixie O'Harris Rigby Aust 1983
Who's Who in Children's Books. Margery Fisher, W&N/Book Club Assoc. isbn 0 297 77037 3
Who's Who of Children's Literature, The.
by Brian Doyle. Hugh Evelyn Ltd, London, 1968 (hardback) ISBN 238 78812 1
Why They Wrote. Rhoda Hoff, Constable, 1964 Dickens, Stevenson, etc
Wodehouse, The World of P G.
Herbert W Wind, Praeger, NY, 1972
Wodehouse Nuggets.
Usborne, Hutch. 1983 isbn 0 09 152480 6
Wodehouse, P G - An Illustrated History.
J Connolly, Eel Pie, 1981 / Orbis isbn 0 906008 44 1
Women with Wings.
Mary Cadogan.
World of Girls.
Rosemary Auchmuty. Women's Press. London, 1992 (Study of Girls School stories). Available from Bettany Press (it was not originally published by them but they are now distributing it) and their website is:      http://www.netmatters.co.uk/ju90/bettanyp.htm   and includes an ordering form for this and several books on Elinor Brent-Dyer and the Chalet series.
Written for Children by John R Townsend, Pelican pb ed.1974 ISBN 0 1402.1920 X
Young Australian Fiction, A Practical Guide to by Josie Arnold and Tesha Piccinin, ABC pb 1985
ISBN 0 642 529442
You're a Brick, Angela! by Mary Cadogan and Patricia Craig Published by Gollancz, London, 1976 (hardback)
ISBN 0 575 0261 X (A look at girls' fiction from 1839 to 1975. Mainly British.)

By title, excluding 'a' or 'the'.
Bizarre Books. Ash & Lake, MacMillan 1985, 180pp isbn 0333 38312 5
Collecting Autographs and Manuscripts.
Charles Hamilton, Uni Oklahoma Press, 2nd 1970, 270pp illust. isbn 0 8061 0873 8
Exchange and Mart, Selected issues 1868-1948, Viewing & Mendes, D&C, 1970, isbn 0 7153 5006 4
History of the Collection of Humor 1929-1969 40th Anniversary, The; Leopold Fechtner, Virginia, USA, possibly an exhibition booklet.

Circulating Libraries in Melbourne, 1930-1960 "Choose an Author as you would choose a Friend". By John Arnold, in La Trobe Library Journal, V10 No.40, Spring 1987.

By author
Kent, Jacqueline: Out of the Bakelite Box [The Heyday of Australian Radio], A&R, 1983, ISBN 0 207 14486 9
, Richard: The Golden Age of Australian Radio Drama 1923-1960 [A History Through Biography], MUP, 1994, ISBN 0 522 84556 8
Terrace, Vincent: Radio's Golden Years [1930-1960 USA], Barnes/Tantivy, 1981, ISBN 0 498 02393 1 [This is an encyclopaedia, rather than a reference work, though still useful.]

WORDS, LANGUAGE, SLANG; generally useful books!
By title, excluding 'a' or 'the'.
Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms, A. G A Wilkes, Sydney UP, 2nd ed. 1985, 470pp isbn 0 424 001136
Dictionary of Australian Underworld Slang, A
. Gary Simes, Oxford 1993, 225pp. isbn 0 19 553499 9
Pears Cyclopaedia, Pelham Books, my edition is 1960-61 but any edition is useful.
Roots and Branches, Ancestry for Australians. Errol Lea-Scarlett, Collins, 1979
Worldly Wise
. James McDonald, Book Club/Constable, 1984. The origins of English words and phrases.

By title, excluding 'a' or 'the'.
Guide to Fiction Writing, A. Kobold Knight, Blackie, rep 1947
How to Make Money Writing Magazine Articles.
Beatrice Schapper, Soc. of Magazine Writers, Arco, NY, 1974. isbn 0 668 03391 6
Selling the Book.
Sydney Hyde. "A bookshop promotion manual." HofC 1976, Melbourne. isbn 85572 074 3
Writing - The Craft of Creative Fiction. Olaf Ruhen, Cheshire, Melbourne, 1964

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