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Re Newnes Practical Magazines
Date: 18/02/09
From: briskiwi@bigpond.com.au (Ron)
Many years ago I bought a huge cardboard box of magazines, most were Practical Engineering and edited by FJ Camm. Unfortunately the whole lot were stolen in 1999 and until tonight i had never found any reference to the practical series of magazines anywhere. Although I understand that today's Practical Classics magazine is a descendant so to speak. I also thought that FJ Camm was simply a name used by several different persons as a generic pen name. He must have been absolutely brilliant because of the breadth of engineering subjects covered and the enormous number of books and articles published. If anyone ever comes across any issues of Practical Engineer they may wish to sell, please contact me, Ron Bunting at

I've also listed on our WANTED page, Ron

Date: 21/03/09
From: kevin@thomasfineart.net (Kevin Thomas)
I have an oil painting frontispiece of two children on a wooden ladder, in an orchard, picking dark red plums.The painting, unsigned is inscribed 'SSU Frontispiece' and is possibly by one of the Wonder Book- Childrens artists- Arthur Elsley, Frederick Morgan or Sheridan Knowles.I wonder if any guest recalls seeing such an image and if I could purchase the book.
Kind Regards
Kevin Thomas, Hungerford, Berkshire England
Info@thomasfineart.net .

Date: 12/07/09
From: kerryp@pomroyinc.biz (Kerry Pomroy)
Our Grandfather, an apprentice motor mechanic when WW1 broke out, became first a dispatch rider, but due to injury, transferred to the mechanical engineers with the Australian Flying Corps and eventually became a flyer, taking aerial photographs on reconnaissance missions over France & Germany. After the war he became a motorcycle dirt track speedway racer and toured England and Scotland from 1926 to 1930. I know that the prolific author of many Chums and others stories, Alfred Edgar was apparently an avid speedway fan and followed the riders from meet to meet, befriending them, whilst gaining valuable inspiration for many of his stories. I recently browsed the titles index and discovered a couple which I would love to read if anybody has a copy. Is it possible that our Grandfather was the inspiration for such titles as "The Dirt Track Airman" Chums, Jan 22, 1929, "Garage Jim's Star Turn", The Boys Friend Apr 3, 1926, "Garage Jim", The Boys Friend Jan 2, 1926, or perhaps even "Dispatch Runners" The Modern Boy, Nov 29, 1930.? Ps: His name was William but he was known as Jimmy. Thanks, Kerry.

Date: 24/08/09
From: Mark
Found your site while looking for something (anything) to do with Bilda-brix ... just wanting to show the lovers of Lego that there was something we kids played with before Lego. / I probably got them as a birthday present in the mid-to-late 1950s, and have vague memories of building lots of stuff with them. I also had a basic Meccano set around that time. I wish I knew what happened to both of them. I suspect they were probably lost when we moved house in 1961, and again in 1963. / It was also in my childhood years that I was given a Tri-ang TT-guage trainset. A single loop, which I later expanded to a single parallel straight section. Handiwork was not one of my strengths in those days (it still isn't), so I didn't do much with it. It came with (I think) an 0-6-0 shunting engine, a passenger carriage, a couple of goods wagons, (Shell?) fuel tank and a guard's van. And, like Greg, I still remember the smell of the oil and ozone as it ran. / I still have that set - and the now well-worn box - it came in. It's in storage along with a whole house-full of other stuff that I can't bear to part with. It'd probably need some maintenance done on it before I ran it ... it would have been sitting in the box for a good 40 years. My set came with a 240/12 volt AC/DC transformer and a rheostat speed/direction controller. I haven't seen the transformer for years, and last remember using it as a DC source for some experiments with electroplating. I'll have to build/acquire another 12v DC power supply before I'd even contemplate putting the loco back on line again. / Thanks for stirring up the memories, John.
Good to hear from you, Mark. Your memories bear many similarities to my own. Maybe you should go and remove a few of your goodies out of storage! That's what I've been doing with my own stuff.

Date: 19/04/2010
From: Peter and Gillian Bartlett <millbart@ihug.co.nz>
A great wealth of info. I started collecting boys annuals about 30 years ago; always looking for more to match sets such as certain boys own, 1930.s boys budget etc. not so many as when I started. Does anyone know of a book titled either "Chicken for Christmas" or "No chicken for Christmas" 1950's? I also enjoy Wide World mags. Peter, New Zealand.

Date: 15/06/2010
From: Pamela Furmidge 
Although English, I spent several years as a child in Australia and while there, discovered the "Abbey Books". I loved them very much as they seemed so English and allowed me to connect with my birthplace. Looking through your site has brought back many happy memories of my Australian school days. Thank you. Pamela

Date: 18/06/2010
From: David dbradley1@toucansurf.com
I have an extensive collection of Percy F Westerman (approx 166 in total) many 1sts in DW and/or pictorial boards---also have JFC Westerman (25) with DW etc---- I am considering selling these collections---any suggestions the best way to do so will be very much appreciated.
Neither author is particularly valuable, unfortunately, so probably not worth the trouble of selling individually on eBay. Perhaps you could find a public institution to buy the lot?

Date: 15/07/2010
From: Denise Mailo 
I discovered the “Shoes” series in my public library and fell in love. I also was enchanted by “The Magic Summer” as it was known here in America. I read these books to my daughter when she was younger. She is now 19 and we just reread “The Secret Garden” and are starting “The Magic Summer” again. I also am a huge fan of a book called “The Far Distant Oxus”. Two teenage girls in England wrote it. They also wrote two more together but I have not been able to purchase them because they are very rare and very expensive. 

Date: 1/8/2010
From: Phoebe Davis
Thank you for reminding me about Kemlo and books they are what got me started on science fiction. I was not aware about how many that were written. Phoebe Davies who is now a grandmother first read the Kemlo books at the age of 8.

Date: 8/9/2010
Quite a few hard back volume’s of Boys Own Paper from the very first one 1879, although not in mint condition were handed down to me by my father, I had as a youngster read some of the articles in the papers and although perhaps not quite the modern day Thing, still found them interesting reading as a youngster.
There was another paper Boys own Manual which I have a few editions of, read this too.
Also have the first three hardback volumes of ‘Modern Wireless’, first out in 1923 or thereabouts, showed many ideas for designing and building of Wireless sets, and for the young people of today Radio receivers and transmitters, I built a Crystal set from one diagram way back in my youth, managed to pick up one station of I remember correctly. This eventually led me to become a Radio Amateur, and took up electronics and communications as a profession.
With Regards
Nick Hyde, 

Date: 20/6/2011
From: Peter Metcalfe
Re: Arthur Upfield
Its great to see some interest in Upfield . I have been collecting his books for about 40 years, and still haven’t got them all.

Date: 25/10/2012
From: Jeremy Stubley
As a child I struggled to read, later I found out I was dyslexic, but at the time I just called a 'slow learner'. Then in my last year at Middle school were given No boats on Bannermere to study for the first term. Almost immediately I was hooked and managed to read the whole thing in a couple of weeks, I searched the school library and the local libraries for the other books in the series, then every book of Trease's I could find. Its no small thing to say this book got me reading and my love of books stems from his ability to spin stories a boy from the inner city like me who yearned for the hills on the Lake District could live in.
Oddly enough at the time I could not find a copy of the Black Banner Players no matter how hard I looked and it was only a couple of years ago I found it was re-published by Girls Gone By Publishing and bought the whole series for my own kids to enjoy.
Thanks for article "A Fine Romance - Growing up in Bannerdale".
Even now the story entrances me.

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