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ANTHONY HORDENS DEPARTMENT STORE, Sydney. Paper ephemera only wanted. Old photos, catalogues, anything on the employees, The Hordernian. E-mail the page author at 

ARGOSY (UK) magazine v. 5 # 2, March 1944. Amalgamated Press) with a short story in it  called "Dusk Over Jordan" by Victoria Lincoln  115

AUSSIE POST Looking for copy of Aussie Post to purchase dated: October 18 1997. Centre spread pages titled "Bikers Day Out" Page 56. Not fussed about overall condition, as long as centre pages intact; Steve. Email 1010

WE NOW HAVE A PAGE ON THE AUSTRALASIAN POST and (if I remember) will place CURRENT ads on BOTH pages.

AUSTRALASIAN POST MAGAZINE  January 1968...I live in California and I would love to show my grandkids me...I'm in it on Bondi Beach in two full I can find one...cheers Nanci 211

AUSTRALASIAN POST MAGAZINE Does anyone have a copy of Australian Post Magazine with Alison Gray on cover holding an old fashioned surfboard. Probably within years 1944/6 1210

AUSTRALIAN COMICS, Old: Grey Domino 22, 25, 29, 35, 42, 43, 46, 47, 58, 60, 62 Hal Venture 1 Jet Fury 18, 21 Mask (Horak) 2, 3 Navy Combat 11 Phantom Commando 2 Silhouette Western 2 Sir Falcon 22, 27, 30, 36 Steven Carlisle 2 Valley of Doom (A Blue Star Comic) $50-$150 each depending on condition. Contact: 313

Australian COSMOPOLITAN magazines from 1973 to 1983. I'm a serious collector of Cosmo and good prices will be offered for magazines in good condition. Please email me at: 514

AUSTRALIAN Country Magazine. August 1976 413

AUSTRALIAN HOME BEAUTIFUL Wanted Australian Home Beautiful magazine from1950s. 810

AUSTRALIAN Monthly Motor Manual December 1967 413

AUSTRALIAN SPORTING SHOOTER Hi, I am chasing back issues of AUSTRALIAN SPORTING SHOOTER to complete my collection. The magazine was first published in 1961 so i am having trouble finding some of the early ones but i am still chasing some later ones too. Please email if you have any or know of any for sale. Steve 511

WOMANS DAY Magazine, January 1955. Article by Elizabeth Zimmermann: "Norwegian Sweaters: The Easy Way" email Donna at 112

AUSTRALIAN WOMANS DAY Magazine 1953,1954,1955 looking for advertisement on back covers of Arnotts Biscuits. My mother is one of the children. Melinda Bowman 1011

AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S WEEKLY Jan 23 1957, Jan 30 1957. $75 each for these issues. Contact Neville at

AUSTRALIAN WOMENS WEEKLY is now online at the NLA Trove site, issues from the first issue up to 1982.

AUSTRALIAN WOMENS WEEKLY. Feb 11 1939 only require page 31 in good condition (original required for museum collection.) 112

AUSTRALIAN WOMENS WEEKLY. I'm looking for - JULY 1985 issue, thanks, Michael 1211

AUSTRALIAN WOMENS WEEKLY. November 12, 1949. Would love a copy or at least page 21 on "Scientists save sacred trees" Was there any of the article on page 20? Please respond to: 510

AUSTRALIAN WOMENS WEEKLY, I am seeking a copy of Aust Womens Weeklyfrom October 1974, front cover has Prince Charles with school children. The picture was taken on 16th October so it would have been an issue around this time. If anyone has a copy please contact me on 210

AUSTRALIAN WOMEN'S WEEKLY - April 1950 (an edition around 10th April) for 0110

AUTHOR UNKNOWN: Title "Le Crane" Publisher "Musee Cantini, France" Date "1972" John 512

AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER UNKNOWN. Children's book, title "Stranger than Fiction". A4 sized glossy bright red hardcover, published late 60's/early 70's probably as a cheap mass-produced run for Christmas. Was colour pictures accompanied by approx 1 page text per story. Theme: very mild mythology/occult-y for children/young people. Included story on the Minotaur, witches, possibly ghosts and dinosaurs also. Have searched the world for this book. Please contact Rosie at 9.09.

AUTHORS UNNAMED, EDITOR UNKNOWN: Dangerous Adventure (Australia, early 1960s). This was written by a group of Australian school students, who I think were not named individually in the book - I don't know if their schools were named or not. An editor was probably named, but I've forgotten his/her name. It was published in the first half of the 1960s - certainly before 1967. There were also quite a few full-page colour illustrations, I think also done by students. It was a hardcover book in fairly large format with about 100 pages or maybe a little more.If details of the plot would help anyone recognize this, it was a somewhat Blyton-style adventure, but set in the Australian bush, I think during a very hot summer holiday, and at one point a group of children were lost in an underground system of caves, and later on someone called Miss Fielding had an accident in a car which was found to have been sabotaged in an attempt to kill her. If anyone has a copy for sale, please e-mail Michael at I haven't seen or read this since I was at school in 1967, which is why I remember so little about it now.

AUTHOR UNKNOWN: I am trying to find a copy of an old book that my friends father used to own, but all he has left is the last 60 pages (69 to 128) The only information I can find is printed on the very back page Odhams Books Ltd 1963 Long Acre, London. Made and Printed in Great Britain byHazells offset Ltd, Leigh Road, Slough and the subject seems to be racing cars of different makes and formulas. Any information you could furnish me with would be wonderful. (Garry Benfold)


BRITISH Women’s Weekly Magazine, November 1975. I am specifically after a sewing pattern by Jean Greenhowe for a Rags to Riches Cinderella (topsy-turvy) doll. My Grandmother made these dolls when I was young and I’d love to get a copy of the pattern to make one for my 4yo daughter. Please email 313

BUILD THE BISMARCK: I have a friend who wishes to buy old issues of Buy the Bismarck. Parts needed are  93, 94, 97, 98, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 122, 123, 125, 128, 130, 131, 133, 135, 136, 139  Brian 713


CHUCKLERS’ WEEKLY Feb 7th 1958. $50 for this issue. Contact Neville at

CHUCKLER'S WEEKLY I am looking for early copies of Chuckler's Weekly. The issues I want date from the first issue in 1954 till it ceased in 1958. It was then called New Chuckler's weekly. Will to pay top price. Gordon Thomas, 101 Woniora Road, HURSTVILLE NSW 2220 Australia


DEEPING, WARWICK Autobiography or Biography , Australia, Victoria. PO BOX 209, The Basin Vic 3154


EPICUREAN Magazine; a food and wine magazine, I am particularly interested in the period it was published between 1966 and 1979.



GEIL magazine, issue #2, fall/winter 2009/2010. This is a German men's fashion magazine that I have been looking for, but cannot find. Will pay top dollar for a copy in good/excellent condition. Please e-mail Adrien at


HOBBY SHOP CATALOGUES, wanted to buy Collector of Aust. O Gauge Railways seeks Australian Hobby Shop catalogues pre 1970 for toy identification. Contact Geoff, 03 54721278, PO Box 908 Castlemaine Victoria 3450,

HOWELL, JAMES, "Epistolae Ho-elianae" Joseph Jacobs' edition, Dámaso López, , España / Spain



KAY, Mara Youngest Lady-in-Waiting Kathy Macdonald Vic., Australia


LADYBIRD, UK - Childrens books published from 1940s-1970s. After all matt and dust jacket titles, individual books, bulk, swap. Contact Mike Pollard, 510

LAVELL, Edith; Linda Carlton’s Perilous Summer and Linda Carlton’s Hollywood Flight Published by A.L. Burt 1930s. MeLynda Rinker,, 4733 Hulse Lane, Lakeland, FL 33813, 863-838-1441 Edith Lavell is my husband’s grandmother and I am trying to find the books for him as these are the only two missing ones from our collection.


MACK, LOUISE: Australian girl in London     BARBARA NSW Australia

MADIGAN, Cecil: “Crossing the Dead Heart” provides an account of the daily activities of explorer and scientist Cecil Madigan’s crossing of the North Simpson Desert first published in1946. If anyone has a copy they wish to sell please contact David at . 511

MAN: Need: May 1939 (my copy damaged), January, February 1941, April, June, August, September 1944. Annuals: 1942, 1978, Girls of Man Calendar 1970, 1972 onwards. FACE AND FIGURE: A PORTFOLIO OF THE GIRLS FROM MAN Numbers 2, 3, 8, 12, 13, 15, 38 onwards. MAN JUNIOR: Need: November 1940 to April 1941, August 1945, June 1948, April, July 1955. MAN JUNIOR ANNUAL: pre-1947, 1958, 1960. POCKET MAN: Need: 1957: July, December. 1958: April, October; 1959: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, Aug, Dec; 1960: Feb, May, Jul, Aug, Oct, Dec; 1961: Jan, Mar, 1962: May, 1963: Nov; 1973: Sep. Also seeking MAN'S MASTER DETECTIVE and ADVENTURE STORY (digest sized, 1950s) Greg

MCSKIMMING, Geoffrey; Cairo Jim At the Crossroads of Orpheus (with this cover: ). Will Pridmore, Victoria, Australia. 514

MCSKIMMING, Geoffrey; Jocelyn Osgood in Xylophones Above Zarundi (with this cover, but not audiobook: ). Will Pridmore, Victoria, Australia. 514

MECCANO Magazines, catalogues, any related material within Australia only, but please name a price; don't ask for offers :) - the CB&M editor John at

MELWAY(Melbourne Street Directory), Editions 2, 3 & 4 Roger Gillard Victoria, Australia

NICHOLLS, Syd: Any Sydney Wentworth Nicolls ' book or comic of Middy Malone including "Middy Malone's Bumper Book" and "Middy Malone a Book of Pirates" 311

MOLLO Andrew and TURNER Pierre, Army Uniforms of World War 1, part of the Blandford Colour series. Hardback prefered please.

73 - #1, 75 - #1, 76 - # 4, 77 - # 4
MOVIE NEWS - Vol 1 - # 2, Vol 2 - #3,5,9,11; Vol 3 - #4,6,7,10; Vol 4 - #1,2,4; Vol 5 - #6,8,11; Vol 6 - #4,9; Vol 7 - #2,3; Vol 8- #2,3,12; Vol 9 -#1 1012


NEWNES PRACTICAL Magazines - Many years ago I bought a huge cardboard box of magazines, most were Practical Engineering and edited by FJ Camm. Unfortunately the whole lot were stolen in 1999 and until tonight i had never found any reference to the practical series of magazines anywhere. Although I understand that today's Practical Classics magazine is a descendant so to speak. I also thought that FJ Camm was simply a name used by several different persons as a generic pen name. He must have been absolutely brilliant because of the breadth of engineering subjects covered and the enormous number of books and articles published. If anyone ever comes across any issues of Practical Engineer they may wish to sell, please contact me, Ron Bunting at

NICOL, Harold Gilbert; Families of Wanlockhead, a portrait of a mining village in 19th. century Scotland. Noel.


OFFROAD Australia Magazine August 1976 413

OXENHAM, ELSIE   Any books that do NOT have "ABBEY" in the title (except 'Jandy Mac Comes Back') Barbara, NSW Australia.


POCOCK, DORIS    Bird Chorus Elves Of The Alphabet Flag Kept Flying Heroes And Heroines Mystery Of The Marsh Runaway Rebel Barbara, NSW Australia.

PRATCHETT, Terry. The Colour Of Magic. 1st ed. HB with dustjacket. Fair condition. Nathan Clissold. NSW Australia.

PREMIERE: does anyone have a copy of 'Premiere' magazine, September 1992? Or any other magazine with Meryl Streep on the cover? thanks, Abbie 710

PYKE, LILLIAN    Saturday Island Barbara, NSW Australia.


RUSSELL, David A; Surplice to Requirements. John  Sydney, Australia 1213


SMASH HITS POSTER PASSION. A teen mag with mainly posters. Unsure of exact date—maybe late 90s? Cover has “Falling 4 5IVE-It’s the cover you have to have!!” There’s also a small picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover with the caption “Love Hewitt’s Hotting Up!” Please contact Neal at 1113

SMASH HITS AUSTRALIA 1984 - 1989 Australian editions. I am looking for many different back issues, have a few but am interested in many more.Brad 112

SPORTS CAR and LOTUS OWNER magazines or bound volumes wanted please email 611


The TRIUMPH: In the 1930's I used to get the "Triumph" and have fond and close memories of a story by Jack Maxwell called "Geraldi Rebel of the Hills" which according to [Steve Holland's] information ran from 8 Sept until 10 Nov 1934. I would dearly love to have access to these stories even if simply to see if they had any formative role in my own politics - hardly possible as I was only 9 at the time - at least that is my excuse for seeking a pathway in nostalgia. Gerald O'Brien, P.O. Box 2913, Wellington, New Zealand

TRIANG / TRI-ANG TT model railways and literature, boxed SETS, just about anything wanted in Australia, will swap for books or buy. CB&M editor.


VOGUE Magazine from Singapore - After any issue of this short lived publication in Singapore, willing to pay or swap for whatever your need for your collection. Please email 612

VOGUE Magazine from New Zealand - After any issue of this short lived publication in New Zealand, willing to pay or swap for whatever your need for your collection. Please email 612

WHITMARSH, William Frederick Herbert; A First French Reader mid-1950's illustrations by Jennetta Vise John 512


WOMANS DAY Magazine, November 1949. Article about "Toys to Sit On", with construction drawings in the "How To" section. Shown on page 36. Little "benches" shaped like animals for small children to stand on while brushing their teeth, etc. Caterpillar, skunk, duck and turtle. 111

WORLD’S NEWS magazine (Associated Newspapers Ltd., Sydney) Dec 23 1950, Apr 28 1951. $75 each for these issues. Contact Neville at


YORK, Elizabeth, Queen of the Dark Realms. Hale, 1978, ISBN 0709166419 Dewey number 823/.9/1 - Sandra - 114


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