Abbey Queen
With descriptions of their trains.

Descriptions are taken from the books and Queens are listed in reign order
Many thanks to Pat Mitchell from the NSW Abbey group for compiling the list.
Updated 11th January, 2015.

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Blue Mountains, Australia

MIRIAM     Soft all white train with a border blue forget-me-nots

CICELY      Old gold decorated with hand painted autumn leaves.

MARGUERITE     Deep strawberry pink with a border of white daisies.

JOY    Bright apple green with wild clematis (travellers' joy or old man’s beard) creamy stars that appear all over the hedges in autumn.

JOAN     Deep violet velvet with white violets around .the edge.

MURIEL   Speedwell blue

NESTA      Silver train with purple border decorated with glittering silver or white honesty pods.

BEATRICE    Stripes of red yellow and green representing tulips.

BARBARA    Creamy train with wild pink roses.

ROSAMUND    Crimson with a border of white and yellow roses.

JEN    Bright beech brown with yellow flowers that dance (daffodils, cowslips, buttercups and a chain of laburnum winding amongst the rest) Among the flowers are dull brown oak leaves and the golden triangles of the silver birch.

MAIDLIN     Primrose train with border of pale green with primrose flowers scattered along it

ANNE    Pull pink clover colour with a border of four leaf clovers and large white clovers in the corner.

IVY    Very dark green with gold and black stripes around the edge

BLUEBELL   Blue train

POPPY    Scarlet train

GRACE    Grey train with a border of flowers of every colour

MOLLY    Soft pastel shades of pink and blue around a white centre with one stripe of red and one of dark blue with white hyacinth flowers painted here and there.

MAY   Pretty train in two shades of lilac with white lilac blossoms scattered around the edge

HEATHER    Purple train.

MIRRY   Forget-me-not blue train.

LITTLEJAN   Brilliant glowing orange with deep brown lining and band. The lining has stencilled orange stars and the band has hand painted orange marigolds

JEAN    Lavender powder blue with a dark green border and lining. Delicate rosemary flowers painted on the green and rosemary twigs on the blue.

JANSY   Lobelia blue with diamonds of white around edge and sprays of lobelia hand-painted in them. White lining.

ROSALIND   Shimmering train of lavender with pale grey lining and narrow border with painted sprays of lavender on it

TESSA   Lemon yellow with long spikes of lupins in every colour stretching from the corners

PHILLIDA   Glowing rich red chestnut brown with golden lining and edging.

ELIZABETH    Rich dark green with white lining and border scattered with showers of golden buttercups.

MARGARET   Rich dark green with gold lining and border stencilled with wreaths of white daisies

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