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Blue Mountains, Australia

The Abbey Girls of Australia is a club for collectors of Elsie Jeanette Oxenham books, and aims to promote knowledge of the books and their locations and to bring together people with similar interests.

Most of the collectors in the group are happy with reading copies as the story is the main appeal. Even very tatty copies 
of the rarer titles will be snapped up by most members. Of course everyone dreams of a set of first editions, mint in dustwrappers, at minimal cost.

Why not join the club and enjoy the following benefits?

  • *Meet other collectors - Although the club headquarters are in Brisbane there are groups in most states which hold meetings. For Sydney & Blue Mountains information, please email: barbaracooper4@bigpond.com 
  • *May Day festivals
  • *Club library- Borrow your missing titles and find out what happened in the missing years.
  • *Receive the quarterly magazine "The Abbey Guardian"
  • *Find out about collectors who sell books they have accumulated.
  • *Join in the Abbey Camp/Conference every 2 years. The next one will take place in Queensland in 2015.

Email Barbara barbaracooper4@bigpond.com for a membership application for The Abbey Girls of Australia.

Or write to Treasurer: Jansy Rose,  jansyr@bigpond.net.au

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