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< Published by Collins, 1955.

Lord Robert Baden Powell began Scouting almost 100 years ago with an experimental camp on Brownsea Island in Pool Harbour, UK, in 1907. Here he had a cross-section of boys from many different ways of life and from many parts of the UK. This was so successful that 'BP' (as he became known) went on to publish his book 'Scouting for Boys' in fortnightly parts. Boys were very soon forming Patrols of Scouts all over the UK and beyond.

In 1909 'BP' held a large rally at Crystal Palace, London, where boys came to join in the many activities. As well as the boys there was a small group of girls who had registered as Boy Scouts by just using initials instead of names. 'BP' inspected them together with the boys and realised that the girls needed a movement of their own. He asked his sister Miss Agnes Baden Powell to help. She wrote her book 'How Girls Can Help to Build the Empire'. This was published in 1912 and very soon Guide Patrols began to form and grow, as was Scouting. The second girl guide book (global book, not country specific) was written by Lord Baden Powell in 1918. Entitled 'Girl Guiding' - it replaced the earlier book. [Thanks, Theressa, for the details on this latter book.]

It wasn't long before book publishers, realising the popularity of both movements, began to publish short stories and novels with Scouting and Guiding themes. Many of the early ones were written by people who had become leaders in these new and wonderful movements for boys and girls. They used the adventures and activities of their own troops and companies as a basis for their stories. Other well-known authors of the day who often knew very little of Scouting or Guiding introduced the themes into their books, often within a school or church, as indeed were many units.

The short stories were first published in annuals and very soon complete Scouting and Guiding annuals began to appear. These contained adventure stories, stories of the lives of famous people who had been scouts or guides, and activities that the scout or guide could practise. These annuals continued to be very popular right up until the 1950s.

When Cubs began for the younger boy in 1914 this opened up another avenue for authors with books for the 7-10 year-old. In the same year Brownies began for the younger sisters of guides and many books appeared for the younger girl. Further story avenues appeared with the formation of Senior Scout patrols and Rangers within the Girl Guide movement.

Many books, while having a strong sense of adventure, reflected the values placed on Scouting and Guiding. While World War 1 was in progress many of the books told of the courage of former scouts and guides, often being based on true experiences.

Scouting and Guiding books continued being published into the 1960s. Since then, very little has appeared apart from books about brownies and cubs, and annuals which continue to be produced.#
Thanks also to Kathy Macdonald for additional information.

Athur Catherall
A R Channel
K Wallis Coales
H B Davidson
F Haydn Dimmock
John Finnemore
Mark Harborough
S Holbrooke Jones
Alfred Judd
Kevin McGarry
K M Peyton
Margaret G Rhodes
Showell Styles
George A Warren
John F C Westerman
Percy Westerman
Mildred A Wirt

K N Abbott
Janet Aldis
Vera Armstrong
Verily Anderson
Jean Blathwayt
Anne Bradley
E M Brent-Dyer
Julie Bonner
Edith Carrington
Christine Chaundler
Catherine Christian
Linda M Clarke

Freda Collins (Brownies)
Winifred Darch
H B Davidson
Helen R Davidson
Brend Girevin
Mary K Harris
Nancy M Hayes
A M Irvine
Cris Johnson
Felicity Keith
Edna Lake
P J Langlands
Edith Lavell
Alix Liddell (true stories)
C R Mansell
Violet Methley
Ivy F E Middleton
Margaret Middleton
Dorothea Moore
Irene Mossop
Elizabeth Mumford
F O H Nash
E J Oxenham
S B Owsley
Mrs A C Osbonn Hann
Diana Pares
Geoffrey Prout
Dorothy Richardson (Brownies)
Marjory Royce
Elizabeth Walmsley
Constance M White
Mildred A Wirt (Brownies)
Hello - I am a former Girl Guide and latterly Cub Mistress with the 1st Upton-By-Chester UK Groups of Guides and Scouts. I was interested to read the introduction in which it states 'Lord Robert Baden Powell began Scouting almost 100 years ago with an experimental camp on Brown Sea Island in Portsmouth Harbour, UK, in 1907.'
I don't want to appear to be a 'know all' but actually the experimental camp was on Brownsea Island [one word] in Pool Harbour [at that time in the County of Hampshire]. I lived in Bournemouth up to age 10 and my brother and I used to catch a bus in the summer holidays and play around the edge of Pool Harbour opposite Brownsea Island on an old Motor Torpedo Boat near the deserted village of Arne, both had been used for training during WW2.
If you go to http://www.local.live.com and enter Brownsea Island you can look at it from a satellite and Zoom in quite low. Thought you might enjoy that!
I'm looking for an early edition of any book about running a Scout Group [pre 1954] for my daughter who is now an assistant with the local group here in Wales. I have a copy of 'Running a Scout Group' by J. F. Colquhoun 1954 but would like to find earlier books on the subject.
J. Gregory UK
Thanks for your information; I've updated the page. 

Oxford Annual for Scouts
No.11, 1929

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