bc Lawson, a town in the mid-Blue Mountains region of NSW, Australia; 95 k west of Sydney, altitude 735 m.
The Blue Mountains

NSW, Australia

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BUSH FIRE reports and prevention help

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< Autumn in Lawson; the place to live.


Lawson Vinnies, July 2010. Still open, and still keeping us in clothing. 

Want to keep Vinnies in Lawson? Call in and sign the petition.

Lawson from the station looking SE, Great Western Highway,
approaching from Sydney. (As it was in 2004.)

Approach to station subway, N side. The subway takes
you through to shops on the south side. (2004)

The quieter road on the northern side of the railway line.
Top, looking north; below, east from same spot. (2004)

From station looking west. Remains of early
semaphore signal tower. (As it was in 2004.)

Highway shopping centre, view looking West. (2004)

Lawson Station, a pleasant mix of old and new. (2004)
Some of these photos show scenes which will drastically
change during 2009, due to the highway widening.
Blue Mountains Bush Fire Brigade and fire reports
Blue Mountains City Council

Arrival in Lawson. There's a wheel
barrow and motor mower in there. (2002)

A town of lush gardens and greenery. (2002)

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