An Aussie Children's Digest from the K G Murray Publishing Empire.

The 'Magazine for Little Children' from the K G Murray Publishing Empire

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Better known for its men's magazines and digests, K G Murray also published a now little-known and scarce children's monthly digest, 'Humpty Dumpty's'. Published "by arrangement with the Parents' Institute Inc.", each issue ran to around 100 pages and cost 2/- . Printed on cheap pulp-type paper by Kenmuir Press of North Lidcombe, NSW, its cover included the following:

* Stories to be read to children
* And stories for beginning readers
* Things to do
* Cut-outs
* Games
* Puzzles

A glance through a sampling from 1955-56 reveals that these issues would certainly provide good entertainment for young readers with their many pages of the above, and short stories in large print.

Authors include the following names, some of which may be pseudonyms!

Martin Gardner, Lilian Moore, Vivian Holgerson, Blanche Boshinski, La Verne Johnson, F Ziner, Vivian Gouled, Mary Blatt Koch, Jane Gale-Parr, Rose Ross, La Verne Anderson, Myroslav Diakowski, Louis Herbert, Mildred Burgum, Jerrold Beim, Ruth Rames Munson, Margaret O Hyde, Ardis Oglesby, Lois Hobart, Janet Beattie and others. The first two names are the regulars.

Unlike today's ad-filled glossies, the only advertising to be found apeared on both cover insides and rear cover. Stamina school clothes, 'Fashion Flair' (presumably another Murray publication), the Commonwealth Savings Bank, 'Tommy Tuna' for Greenseas Tuna, Festival children's records, Arthur Mee's children's encyclopaedia seemed to be the regulars.

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