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During the 'Golden Age' of the story paper, the late 1920s and early 1930s, fierce competition among Amalgamated Press titles saw the appearance of the 'free gift'. The 'gift' could take many forms; from a chocolate bar to a die-cast model car. Probably the more memorable were those relating to either test cricket or motor car badges. To find a listing of free gifts, you should consult Steve's British Story Paper Index which includes details under each particular issue number. This ongoing project is currently indexing issues of 'The Magnet' which often included such gifts. We'd like to hear from collectors who have acquired these rare examples of story paper ephemera. Please e-mail the page editor at chiefchook@gmail.com .There was an article in the 1964 Collectors Digest (vol.18), "Give-Aways" by C Wright, that discusses free gifts in British story and comic papers.

Motor car badge album, presented with The Magnet 19 Jan 1929. The enamelled badges would usually be enclosed one per issue,
the album arriving with the initial issue.
Test cricket album presented with the Nelson Lee 9 Feb 1929. The enamelled badges, top to bottom, left to right: Chapman, Larwood,
Hendren, Duckworth, Hobbs, Sutcliffe, Tate, Hammond, Jardine, Geary,
Freeman, Ames, Tyldesley, Leyland, Mead and White.
The Magnet Album of Test Cricketers, 1930 Tour,
given with the 12 July 1930 issue. This was one of
the most famous of England-Australia test series.
28 'sticky-back' photo cards filled the 16-page album,
card 24 being 'The Don', Don Bradman, in typical pose.

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