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Friends of the Chalet School is a large, international group of people who enjoy the books of Elinor Brent-Dyer; in particular the Chalet School titles, but also her others as well. (She wrote around 100 books, of which nearly 40 are non-Chalet, and of these, the La Rochelle series is most closely linked to the Chalet School.)
We have over 800 members ranging in age from 8 to over 80. There are male as well as female members and we come from all sorts of backgrounds.
There is a section especially for younger members by popular request. We have a few pages in the newsletter for those aged under 13 - with articles written by younger members, and articles written for them. As well, there is a quiz / puzzle especially for members of this age group.
Each newsletter has a couple of pages of sales and wants in which members advertise (for free) those elusive hardbacks, and also paperbacks, which they have for sale (and request those they want!). FOCS also sometimes buys books which we then sell to members. We also provide a list of second-hand dealers (free to members on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope, plus a couple of extra stamps).
We run a lending library for those living in the UK. There is also a lending library for all Chalet fans in Australia.
We produce four newsletters a year: in May, August, November and February. These are A5-sized magazines of around 56 pages in length. In addition, when you join you will be sent a new member's information booklet giving you more details about the club, a brief history of Elinor Brent-Dyer, a list of the Chalet Books in hardback and in paperback, a list of EBD's other books and our constitution. From time to time we also produce merchandise such as greetings cards featuring some of the original dustwrapper illustrations, T-shirts, tea towels etc., sold to members at favourable prices.

We accept contributions sent in by members (unless they duplicate previously published information from earlier newsletters, are derogatory to EBD or in bad taste!), no matter how short. Our most popular section is 'A Chalet Confab' which runs to around 15-20 pages. This is made up of short comments by members on subjects running from the length of Miss Annersley's hair, through whether Vic Coles was a boy or girl, to who is or isn't who in the von Eschenau family. Some members write for every newsletter, some occasionally and a lot never! It's up to you, and you will be just as welcome a member however frequently or infrequently you write.

The subscription rates are currently:
  • Deleted - Current details NK.

Subscriptions are due following the February newsletter for everyone so, depending on the month in which you join, you will receive up to four newsletters to start with. If two or more Chalet fans live at the same address then they may become joint members - only one newsletter will be sent (and because of the way in which the computer works only one name will appear on the envelope) but otherwise they will be treated as individual members.

Ann Mackie-Hunter and Clarissa Cridland

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