(1845 - 1905 )

Pseudonym of Sarah Chauncey Woolsey [adopted in imitation of "Margaret Coolidge', a pseudonym used by her sister].

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Born in Cleveland, Ohio and spent much of her childhood in New Haven, Connecticut. Her father’s family was closely connected with Yale University and at various times three Woolseys served as its president. During the Civil War Sarah worked as a nurse and then began to write prolifically. Her first children’s book, The New-Year’s Bargain (1871), is a collection of stories told to two children, Thekla and Max, by each of the twelve months of the year, who are introduced to them by Father Time. It was published with much success by Roberts Brothers of Boston, whose chief editor Thomas Niles had already guided Louisa M. Alcott to success with Little Women. She wrote What Katy Did (1872) and What Katy Did at School (1873) and then produced a number of collections of short stories, many of which first appeared in the magazine St Nicholas. Her later full-length children’s novels include Eyebright (1879) and A Guernsey Lily (1880), suggested by a visit to the Channel Islands. She returned to the exploits of the Carr family with What Katy Did Next (1886), which describes a tour of Europe, Clover (1888) and In the High Valley (1890). Besides writing children’s books, Sarah Woolsey, who never married, edited the correspondence of Fanny Burney and Jane Austen, as well as publishing several volumes of her own verse.

As a child, Sarah Woolsey was notably tall, quick-witted, and impatient, like her heroine Katy Carr. Her younger sisters Jane, Elizabeth, and Theodora provided the models for Katy’s sisters Clover, Elsie, and Joanna, while her brother William and an orphaned cousin Theodorus became Phil and Dorry in the stories of the Carr family.

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A Guernsey lily, or, How the feud was healed. A story for girls and boys.
Ballads of Romance and History
Clover ... A sequel to ‘What Katy did next,' etc
Cross Patch, and other stories. Adapted from the myths of Mother Goose
The Day's Message. Chosen and arranged by Susan Coolidge
Eyebright. A story
For Summer Afternoons. [Tales.]
In the High Valley, etc.
Last Verses. [With a biographical sketch of the author signed: E. D. W. G.]
Little Miss Mischief, and other stories
Mischief's Thanksgiving, and other stories
New-Year's Bargain, The [Tales.]
Nine Little Goslings
A Short History of the City of Philadelphia from its foundation to the present time
What Katy did. A story. [What Katy did at Home]
What Katy did at school
What Katy did next
Katy at School. A play from the novel by Susan Coolidge CARRINGTON, Norman Thomas
[1911] ?
[1906] ?

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