'Frank Richards' was just one pseudonym of Charles Harold St John Hamilton (CH from hereon), born in Ealing, Middlesex, England on August 8, 1876. The most prolific boys' fiction author of all time (you'll find him listed in the Guinness Book of Records), Charles attended a local private school, Thorne House, His first story is said to have been penned in 1885, possibly for one of the Trapps Holmes boys' story papers. Using in excess of 20 pen-names, he wrote not only school stories but, adventure, travel, crime - every genre imaginable.
Pen-names listed in 'The Men Behind Boys' Fiction' (see 'Recommended Reading' further on): Harry Clifton, Martin Clifford (St Jims), Clifford Clive, Sir Alan Cobham, Owen Conquest (Rookwood), Gordon Conway, Harry Dorian, Frank Drake, Freeman Fox, Hamilton Greening, Cecil Herbert, Prosper Howard, Robert Jennings, Gillingham Jones, T Harcourt Lewelyn, Clifford Owen, Ralph Redway, Ridley Redway, Frank Richards (Greyfriars and Carcroft), Hilda Richards, Raleigh Robbins, Robert Rogers, Eric Stanhope, Robert Stanley, Nigel Wallace and Talbot Wynyard.

The 'Master' passed away on Christmas Eve, 1961, so the final books were 'ghosted' by other writers, so far unidentified.


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(Charles Hamilton)
Creator of Billy Bunter, the Famous Five, Tom Merry, Jimmy Silver and many others.  

The postwar hardback 'Bunter Books' in order of publication:
(First 11 titles published by Charles Skilton)
Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School, 1947
Billy Bunter's Banknote, 1948
Billy Bunter's Barring Out, 1948
Billy Bunter in Brazil, 1949
Billy Bunter's Christmas Party, 1949
Bessie Bunter of Cliff House School, 1949
Billy Bunter's Benefit, 1950
Billy Bunter Among the Cannibals, 1950
Billy Bunter's Postal Order, 1951
Billy Bunter Butts In, 1951
Billy Bunter and the Blue Mauritius, 1952* (*This is alleged to be the rarest title.)

(Cassell took over with the next title)
Billy Bunter's Beanfeast, 1952
Billy Bunter's Brainwave, 1953
Billy Bunter's First Case, 1953
Billy Bunter the Bold, 1954
Bunter Does His Best, 1954
Billy Bunter's Double, 1955
Backing Up Billy Bunter, 1955
Lord Billy Bunter, 1956
The Banishing of Billy Bunter, 1956
Billy Bunter's Bolt, 1957
Billy Bunter Afloat, 1957
Billy Bunter's Bargain, 1958
Billy Bunter the Hiker, 1958
Bunter Out of Bounds, 1959
Bunter Comes for Christmas, 1959
Bunter the Bad Lad, 1960
Bunter Keeps it Dark, 1960
Billy Bunter's Treasure Hunt, 1961
Billy Bunter at Butlins, 1961** (** The dust jacket came in two designs, one promoting Butlin's Holiday Camp.)
Bunter the Ventriloquist, 1961
Bunter the Caravanner, 1962
Billy Bunter's Bodyguard, 1962
Big Chief Bunter, 1963
Just Like Bunter, 1963
Bunter the Stowaway, 1964
Thanks to Bunter, 1964
Bunter the Sportsman, 1965
Bunter's Last Fling, 1965


THE REMOVE (Our guess, compiled from issues of the Collectors Digest, with MAGNET arrival dates.)
According to contributor Tommy Keen, the following members of the Remove were present when Harry Wharton arrived in issue #1.
Frank Nugent, George Bulstrode, Peter Hazeldene, Dick Russell, Harold Skinner, Trevor and Treluce, and Billy Bunter. Bob Cherry arrived in #2, Inky in #6, David Morgan in #8, Micky Desmond in #15, Smith Minor in #32, Stott in #35, Wun Lung in #36, David Ogilvy in #43, Mark Linley and Sidney Snoop in #45, Tom Brown in #86, Smithy in #119, Alonzo Todd in #125, Fish in #150, Johnny Bull in #151, Percy Bolsover in #182, Mauly in #184, Dick Penfold in #194, Monty Newland in #216, Dick Rake in #258, Oliver Kipps in #268, Peter Todd in #271, Wibley in #322, Squiff in #343, Delarey (a sub invention) in #432, Jimmy Vivian in #471, Tom Redwing in #517, Napoleon Dupont in #540 and Richard Hilary in #559. A total of 38, but who really knows?

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Christmas Eve, 2011, marked 50 Years since the passing
 of CHARLES HAMILTON, know as Frank Richards, Martin Clifford, Owen Conquest
 and many other pseudonyms.